Hot Mafia Episode: 1 romantic love story

Angela’s pov💅

“Will you marry me?” he knelt down and held out the black velvet ring box with a ring in it.

But, the question is, do I really love this man? Do I really want to spend the rest of my life with him?

I don’t want to regret this on the wedding day and be a runaway bride. I inhaled deeply and made a decision.

“I’m- I’m sorry, Derick,” I shook my head. “I can’t do this.


I really can’t.” I can hear the people surrounding us were gasping.

“Baby, why not?” he stood up and held my shoulders.

“Because I don’t want to live with a cheater for the rest of my life,” I finally said it.

“I know you want me for my family’s wealth and it is crystal clear that the woman you love isn’t me,”

I shot a glare at Blair, the woman who had always ruined my love life.

I turned around and walked out the restaurant.

People always said being rich is everything. However, when it comes to love, men only want your wealth and what’s under your clothes.

They never care about the most precious thing inside your body,

your heart.

That’s why some people said men are heartless.

I’m sure not all are heartless but why am I the only woman who always encounter them?

I mean, can’t I get the one man who’ll do anything for me? Who’ll love me for who I actually am but not what’s under my purse or even my clothes?

“Darling! Why did you reject Derick?” my mum asked softly when we were eating dinner.

“Let’s not discuss this anymore. We’re over,” I said harshly.

“Angela, do not speak to your mum like that,” my dad scolded.

“Dad! You’re the one who pulled me into this mess!

I had never wanted to be with Derick.

You’re the one who always set me off with some strangers.

I don’t want them. I want to have the rights to decide what I really want, not what you want.

So please, stop all this arranged marriages and let me do what I really want to do.

Even if I do like Derick, he only wants your wealth.

He never really wanted your daughter,” I say, cutting him off.


“Don’t test my patience, Angela. You’re my daughter, you’ll obey me in this house.”

“Oh so does that mean if I’m out of this house, I’ll have the life that I want? Is that so?” I smiled wickedly.

“Sit your ass down and eat your food, Angela,” yelled my dad.

“Dad, don’t force me. I’ll eventually leave this house if I have to,” I warned him.

“Stop fighting! No one will leave this house!” my mum interrupted.


“I’m full and tired,” I pushed the food away and walked upstairs to my room.

I threw myself on my bed and sobbed. Why? I don’t like my life.


Why does he always have to control me? I’m his daughter, not his puppet. And there comes the knock on the door.

“Princess, can I come in?” my mum knocked and opened the door as I didn’t respond.

“Oh, sweetheart. I know sometimes your dad is harsh and strict to you, but he’s still your dad,” my mum pulled me into her embrace.

“Mum, I don’t want to live this life anymore. I’m fucking sick of it,” I sobbed.


“Sweetheart, we, the upper class ones do not talk like this.

Take your words back and go to bed early tonight,” my mum smiled widely and put me to bed.

Yeah right. What upper class? What wealthy family?

What arranged marriages? I’ve had enough of all this shit.

I took my bag pack and stuff all my clothes in it. I took my cash and my IPhone.


“I’m tired of this life,” I mumbled under my breath and jumped down from the window.

I know mum and dad had gone to bed early.

You know, stupid upper class issue again. Well, fuck it. Now, I’m going live my life.

I ran to the nearest bus stop so that it could take me to the train station.

I just need to get away from this place. As far as I could.

So that my dad won’t pull me into his shit again. I reached the train station and ran off to Paris. Goodbye, London.

I wished to never come back here again even if it meant having to live a tough life.

“Miss, this is your room. You may check in right now,” the receptionist smiled.

“Thank you,” I smiled softly and walked to the lift.

Oh, my God, I still can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe I actually left the house.


Dad had never let me out from the house without any companion like maids or bodyguards.

That is why I am unable to live a happy life.

I’m always a loner, even in my school.

Nobody wants to be friends with me as they think it is overrated how my father does his business.

He always cheat and use dirty methods to get the money that he has.

That is why he is filthy rich right now.

I walked into the room and laid down on the bed.

I know I only have a few days to find a cheap apartment so that I won’t have to waste money in this hotel.

I’m so excited. It is as if a new life is waiting ahead for me.

I smiled to myself and looked at the clock. I’m sure my mum and dad are panic right now since their baby girl ran off. ( Next episode is on my profile. please follow my profile and friend request send me.)

I laughed wickedly and stood up.

“Maybe I should go out for fresh air,” I whispered.


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