Hot Mafia Episode: 3 romantic love story

Agela’s pov💅

“So, this apartment is the best one of them all?” I asked Chris, the man standing in front of me.

“Yes. It suits you well too as you’re the only one who lives here.

Honestly, it’s big enough to fit three people,” he retorted.

“Alright then, I’ll take this. This is the deposit,” I smiled widely.

“Sure, no problem,” Chris grinned and both of us walked out the apartment together.


Seriously, thank God I kept all my cash in my personal debit card.

Dad wouldn’t know it anyway. My phone vibrated in my bag when we entered the elevator.

“Hello?” I said and lifted the phone down to check the contact. Private? Strange.

No one knows my new number yet.

“Hey, Angela , it’s me,” the person on the line spoke. I recognized it instantly.

“Mason? How- How do you know my number?” I widened my eyes with great shock.

“Well, I have my own way. Just to let you know that I’ll pick you up at 8pm tonight,” he informed.

“Yeah, sure,” both of us hung up after that.

I looked into my closet and gasped My parents is seriously so out-dated.

I still can’t believe I’m actually their daughter and have been obeying them for God-knows-how-long .


All the dresses are so horrible and so old.

I’ve only brought a few and I knew I made the wrong decision.

I took out the black tight dress with long sleeve. I touched my chin slightly and was thinking what to do with it.

And then, it came – my brilliant idea. I tore the sleeves of the black dress so it would reveal my skin more.

I basically spent my whole evening tearing the dress and the results was unbelievable.

The dress was so beautiful and elegant.


I am so going to wear this dress tonight.

I smiled to myself with satisfaction and tried it on.

“This is so beautiful,” I exclaimed. It does look a lot different right now.

Perfect dress with a perfect man. I smiled to myself and walked to the make-up table and apply my eyeliner, mascara and blusher.

I curled my hair slightly so it would look sexier.

The doorbell rang suddenly.


“Wait a moment,” I ran to the mirror and checked on myself for the last time. I inhaled deeply and opened the door.

“Hello,” I smiled at the man standing in front of me.

He was wearing a dark grey t-shirt. So simple and plain yet so sexy and hot. Of course, he looked so much better in formal.

“An- Angela,” he looked as if he was about to choke.

“What? Is it bad?” I gave him an is-it-really-that-bad look.

“You’re absolutely stunning tonight, Angela.

So beautiful, cara mia,” he complimented.


“Again? What’s cara mia anyway? I’ve been wanting to ask you,” I asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you later, beautiful. Now, let me take you to the car so we can head to my house,” he answered.

“Wait, what? Your house? I thought we’re going to a restaurant or something like that?” I panicked.

His house? What if he’s a bad guy? Can I trust him? He had saved me once.

Maybe I should trust him? Agh, Whatever.

Since I’d decided to go on a dinner with him, why not trust him this one time?

“I don’t eat in restaurants,” he answered, full of himself.

“Oh, my Lord! Is this really your house?” I gasped and covered my mouth when we reached his house.

Seriously, this house can fit more than a hundred people in it.

“Come on. Let’s get you inside, it’s cold out here,” he smiled and placed his hand on my waist.


I didn’t shove him away In fact, I like it. I like the feelings of him on me. And I will not deny it.

“Sit down,” he pulled out the chair and beckoned me to sit when we reached the dining room.

“Thanks,” I grinned.

“Caroline,” he snapped his fingers.


She seemed to understand it as she nodded and walked to the back.

“You live here with so many maids?” I asked curiously.

“Yes,” he smiled.

“So, what does cara mia mean? Can you tell me now? Is it something bad?” I asked.

“Oh, Angela, you never give up, do you?” he laughed.

His sexy Italian accent is such a turned on.



“Well, that’s me.”

“Cara mia means my dear in Italian,” he answered.

Suddenly, the situation got awkward as I was speechless all of a sudden.

I didn’t know what to say. My dear? Why would he call me that?

“So, you’re Italian?” I tried to come up with a stupid question.

“Yes, I’m half Italian and half Greek. My father was an Italian.”

“Oh. But then, why are you a, you know,” I asked and gave him some hand sign, trying not to mention the ‘mafia’ word. It doesn’t sound right to me.

“You know about it?” he widened his eyes.

“Yes. That night before we met, I wanted to go to the beach and have a walk.

But this girl came up to me and warned me not to and mentioned your name.

So I’d assumed that you’re, you know, dangerous?” I explained.

“Well, do you think I’m dangerous then?” he smirked.

“Er,” I hesitated before giving him an answer.

“Well, to other people, I don’t know. But to me, I don’t think you are.

You don’t look dangerous and I don’t sense any danger when I’m with you.

In fact, I feel safe when I’m with you,” I covered my mouth when I realized what I have said.

Now, he must have thought that I’m some kind of S.A.D girl. Single, Available and Desperate.

“Really?” his eyes widened again.

“What? Did I say anything?” I looked around and pretended as if nothing happen.

“You’re the first woman who would talk to me this way.

No one dares to speak to me like that,” he crooked his eyes which looked extremely adorable whenever he did that.

“Is that, illegal?” I rolled my eyes.

“No, not when it’s you.” he laughed out loud.

We talked about many things that night.

I told him about my life. How I was proposed and I rejected Derick.

How I ran off from home and how strict my father was.

He told me not to worry as he would protect me.

But, do I really need this man’s protection? I can protect myself.

“And lastly, this is my room,” he showed me around and took me to his room at last.

“Seriously? Where do you come from? You’re fucking rich,” I complimented. He laughed at me immediately.

“Do you believe in destiny?” he threw me this serious question out of nowhere.

“What? Destiny?” I asked again, wondering what to answer but he interrupted me instantly.

“Because I believe in it. After I met you, I truly believe in love at first sight.

I’ve never felt this way before. I was a cruel and cold-blooded man.

I had never wanted any woman in my life because I thought they were useless to me.

But that night when those guys harassed you, I wanted to kill them one by one.

I wanted to have you that night. You might think that I’m insane, but I know it myself.

My heart beats like never before when it comes to you.

I can’t seem to get you out of my mind,” he confessed. Slowly, he approached me and held my by the waist.


“Wait, wait, wait, you’re in love with me?” I stuttered and choked between my words.

“Yes, Angela,” he said and tucked a strand of hair behind me.

He was so near to me that I could smell his fruity aftershave and bewitching cologne that literally turned me on.

“I’m sorry, but-,” what am I supposed to say? My heart did a flip when he confessed to me.

I was extremely happy and excited but this was all too fast.


I cannot take it. It is just too much for me.


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