Hot Mafia Episode: 5

Angela’s pov 

He laid me down upon the bed, his dark eyes not leaving mine as he pulled his clothes off until he was wearing nothing but a pair of dark silk boxer shorts.

I could see the flagrant ridge at the front of them and suddenly I began to shiver.

This was really happening, and I was letting it happen. Should I tell him?

Wasn’t it wrong not to tell him?

“You’re trembling. Are you cold?“ he murmured.

This was asked as he joined me, dragging a huge coverlet over us and pulling me close against his warm body.

“N-no, I’m not cold. “

“Me neither. In fact, I think we are both wearing too much, don’t you?

Shall we do something about that?”

Unclipping my bra, he tossed it aside and then began to slide my panties down over my thighs,

his fingertips whispering enticing little paths along the way, which made me gasp.

And then he removed his boxers – edged them off with his feet and gave a shuddering sigh as he felt my nakedness next to his.

Mason’s pov 

I looked down at her – at the way her long, hair lay spread out over my pillow like a silken cloud.

She was like a goddess to me. Yet a goddess who was giving herself to me with sweet abandon.

“You are so beautiful, Angela ,“ I murmured. “And I am a lucky man.“

Angela’s POV

Tell him, tell him, Angela!

But now he was moving over me and kissing me again and it all seemed so perfect.

I don’t want him to stop… Sure s great feelings…

And wouldn’t it break the mood if I came right out and told him?

With a groan and a whispering of my name, he parted my legs and I could feel the rocky tip of him pushing against my honey pot..


“Yes?“ He breathed raggedly.

“It’s- it’s my first time,“ I gasped, just as he thrust inside me.

“It’s alright, Angela . I’ll be gentle and make everything perfect for you,” he was inside me, hard and hot.

The size of him shocked me that I have to force myself to relax as I learned to accommodate him.

“Breathe,“ his voice was husky and he lowered his mouth to mine.

“Breathe, tesoro .”

“Can’t,“ it was like my body was on fire.

He gently brushed his mouth with mine,

tracing my lower lip with his tongue and eased deeper.

I felt an agonizing flash of pain,

It was very painful… Mason you need to stop… I will take my time my angel

immediately followed by excitement as he moved against sensitive flesh and I dug my nails into his back,

feeling the tension shimmering in his powerful frame.

I could feel his fingers dig hard into the soft flesh of my thigh and then faster, harder,

he built the rhythm until there was nothing in my head but a thundering roar,

until everything inside and around me shattered into a million tiny fragments and I fell, spinning and tumbling into a different world.

“Sleep now, cara mia ,“ he gently patted my head and gathered me around his arms.

It was the most comfortable place ever.

His arms were exactly what I have been searching for in a man. He was so perfect…..

I just can’t resist him … He’s so hot

“Goodnight, Mason,“ I smiled and both of us felt into deep sleep after that.


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