hot Mafiya Episode: 4


WARNING! S e x scene in this chapter. Don’t read if you don’t want to.  You’ve been warned. :

“I’m sorry, but I don’t do relationships or commitment, ,” Mason, I lied.

Every woman does commitment and relationship. What kind of stupid reason is this?

“You think I’m going to believe that?“ He rolled his eyes. I stood there in silence as I lost my words.

I didn’t know what to say to him anymore.

He approached me slowly and moved his hands to my shoulders and held it firmly.

“ Angela , don’t run away. I know you want me,

and I sure as hell want you too, so why are you denying it?

Do you have any idea how much energy is needed for me to keep my hands off you? No, you certainly don’t.“ He spoke.

“Mason,” Any words I had been about to say were cut off by the hot pressure of his mouth on mine.

Groaning, I wound my arms round his neck,

and he was like a rock or a trunk of a tree that I could hang on to for my dear life was in danger of being swept away by a hurricane.

In turn, Mason held me tightly as his tongue tangled hotly with mine,

moving his hands up and down my back as he tried to position me closer,

even closer until there was no space between us and we were but one passionate beating heart.

Mason’s POV

I tried to control the wild animal in me that was eager to be released.

But when I felt her arms wound round my neck, I was eventually controlled by it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly, she shoved me away.

She was gasping for air and looked as if she’d consumed all her energy.

“ Angela , .” Sensing her restraint, I pulled her back into my arms and tilted her face upwards,

stroking away a strand of hair which had fallen over her cheek as I looked down at her.

“You have changed your mind? You don’t want me?“

Angela’s POV

What could I say? Cross my fingers and tell a lie?

Was that what I really wanted? Could I really bear to do that – shrug my shoulders with embarrassment and said I’d got a little carried away and changed my mind?

Because he would let me go if I wanted to..

He might not have told me anything about his life,

his past or his dreams, but something told me not to let this chance slip away.

And if I really did, I would spend the rest of my life asking myself the most painful question of all. What If ?

“Yes, I want you,“ I whispered.

Mason smiled as he felt the rush of uncomplicated pleasure.

“Then isn’t it convenient that I happen to want you too?“

He asked unsteadily. “Do you want to know how much?“

“Mason,“ my eyes closed as his mouth drifted down to the hollow of my shoulder blade.

“This much. “

Mason’s POV

She moaned as my hand cupped her breast over the soft material of her dress and then found the side-zip of her dress and slid it down – my lips grazing over hers in erotic dance all the while.

And she moaned again as I peeled the garment over her head.

I could feel that she felt the rush of air to her partially bare skin.

Because suddenly she was standing there in

only her underwear – her nipples peaking and her thighs tingling.

Angela’s POV

My body was on fire and I was clinging to him as his lips and his hands trailed pure delight over my skin,

and then suddenly a realization hit me. Should I warn him? I wondered dazedly.

I swallowed as his palms cupped my bottom and pulled me closer. “Mason –“

“I want to study you,“ he murmured. “I want to examine every inch of you – to know you so well that if I were to take an exam about your body then I would get full marks.

But I think my desire for you is burning so greatly that I think we might have to postpone that pleasure until later,“ he declared.

His voice thick with desire as he guided my trembling fingers to his shirt buttons. “Undo my shirt.“

My hands were trembling so much that it felt like an almost impossible task – until my first encounter with the silky texture of his flesh and suddenly my doubts melted away and I became greedy.

Like a prospector who had suddenly found an abundance of gold.

I found myself wanting to run my fingers all over his hair-roughened torso.

I felt him twist slightly as I ran my fingertips over his flesh.

Heard him give a little laugh as I touched each of his diamond-hard nipples.

“You’re making me forget the reason I brought you up here,“ he growled.

“Which was to take you to bed.“ And he picked me up, carried me bridal style across the room to the biggest bed I had ever seen.


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