Life has been a bit though for me since after my youth service.

I live together with my roommate Tunde, and we did several day jobs just to survive.

One afternoon, i and Tunde was coming back from an interview when we got a message in our phones.

I was the first to check my phone and I was shocked to see that I have been granted the job i applied for three weeks ago.

Tunde also checked his phone and saw same thing because we both went for interview same day at the same company.

We both hugged ourselves for joy because our day's of lack are over.

We were asked to resume work the following week.

That day being Saturday, i and Tunde went shopping with our little savings to get some good cooperates wears because first impression matter's a lot.

When we got home I quickly call my mom to tell her the goodnews and as usual mama prayed for me and advised me to be of good behaviour.

So the D day came when we were supposed to resume work.

I woke up as early as 4am so that I can beat traffic and not resume late on the first day of work.

Tunde was still sleeping so I woke him up.

Oga wake up jhoor you still dey sleep when you know as traffic dey be.

Kunle abeg free make i sleep jaare, since when did we start going out to hustle by this time.

Haaa, see this guy oh, is this a joke or what, Tunde have you forgotten we are to resume our new jobs today??

Kunle is true oh what am I still doing here abeg give me 5 minutes make i ready oh.

I and Tunde got the company we are to resume work at exactly 7:30am and we were told to wait for our boss to put us through some things in our various offices.

30 minutes later our boss arrived, i couldn't stop staring and gawking at her extra ordinary beauty.

She was very tall and fair with her hourglass figure and beautiful smiling face.

Her dressing and hair were screaming expensive including her scent which first drew my attention towards her

I continued staring at her until i didn't know when she walked up to us and was speaking to us but i was just staring at her unconsciously.

Until Tunde tapped me, bringing me back to present.

I felt really embarrassed and shy but she just smiled and waved at us to follow her to her office.

To be continued

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