So while we were following her to her office, I couldn't help but notice her finely shaped back side, not too big not too small, just how i love it

As if my guy Tunde knew what i was thinking, he tapped me again and whispered in my ears.

Guys focus na don't let us loose this job on arrival, I take God beg you, if I loose this job ehhhnnn i would never forgive you.

Tunde abeg relax, is it a crime to admire someone?..... I am just admiring one of the handwork of God.

While we got to her office, my mouth dropped open, I felt like I was in heaven, her office was too beautiful and I wondered how her house would look like.

But i comported myself immediately i Heard her speak.

I welcome you to........ company, am sure you were already told by your interviewers all about this company, here take this file's, it contains all you need to know about your various offices, study it and get to work immediately have a great time at work.

While we took the file from her, we headed straight out of her office and we were led to our own offices by her PA.

When I got to my office, i was very impressed, it was classy and comfortable and I immediately said a little prayer before anything else.

While I was going through the file i was given earlier by my boss i couldn't even consecrate properly.

Her face kept coming to my mind making me smiling sheepishly.

I was still smiling sheepishly when I got a sl@p on my face.

Ah ah tunde what was that for why did you sl@p me?

Kunle i won't allow you make us loose this job we have laboured for all because of your foolish fantasy.

I have been calling you because the boss sent us a text to come see her in her office I even thought you have gone there, only for me to see you smiling like a go@t here .

Oya check your phone and see if she sent you a text too so we can go see her.

I rushed to checked my phone and I saw the text message from my boss was there since 30minutes I muttered a silent prayer within me.

I just pray for admiration for her don't cost me my job.

So I and Tunde left for her office to see her and know why she sent for us.

To be continued

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