When we got to her office, we didn't meet her and we decided to sit and wait for her.

While we were waiting for her i decided to use the opportunity to check out the beauty of her office again and I noticed most of the decorations and furniture's had her name on it which is HELEN.

she had a great sense of fashion and decoration's I could imagine how beautiful her house would be.

Kunle it's as if you came here to look at her office oh what's with you?

Tunde would you mean to tell me you aren't seeing how beautiful this place is? ...... learn to admire beautiful things abeg.

Kunle that one concern you oh, I am here to work and not admire things that aren't relevant to me.

Just then the door opened and our boss walked in, and we both stood up to greet her.

Good afternoon ma..... we chorused

Good afternoon you two, you can have your seat she said.

Thank you ma, we chorused and sat down.

Well first of all have you both gone through the file's I gave you earlier today?

Yes ma, tunde quickly replied.

Me i couldn't even say anything, because I was afraid to li£, i knew within me that I didn't study any files, instead I was thinking about the woman sitting Infront of me.

So what about you kunle, did you study yours?...she said.

I just decided to say the truth, no ma, ...I said.

And why, did you find it difficult to understand it, should I assign someone to put you through it?

No ma, it's just that I was having a little h£adach£ but am fine now.

Immediately i said that, tunde gave me a side eye in shock and I looked away from him .

It's okay, it's good you are fine now, well i requested you both here to give you something.

And then she brought out two car keys and handed it to me and Tunde, I was confused and surprised at the same time.

It's our custom in this company to give our new employees a car and a million naira for a start, and then other benefits will be given after six months of working with us.

And then she gave me and Tunde our cheques of a million naira each.

It all seems like a dream to me i didn't even know how best to express my joy.

I and Tunde hugged ourselves with tears in our eyes because our lives just changed under the space of few hours.

Seems like you both are friends she said.

Yes ma we are best friends and we stay together ma I replied.

Oh that's wonderful, i admire your friendship, you both can go back to your offices now.

We thanked her greatly and left her office to our various offices.

While in my office, i stared at the cheque and car key in my hand and wondered if I was dreaming or if it was real.

Well I carefully kept them in my wallet and brought out the file i was given earlier before by our boss so I can study it properly.

To be continued 
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