Ken Episode 1 sad story

I caught my husband one day as I returned from work, he was sleeping with my younger sister Bella on our matrimonial bed. It was a very disgusting sight to see but I pretended I didn't see anything and I left the house. I never saw my husband to be a promiscuous man, I trusted him so much. But catching him in bed with my younger sister who is just 16 years old was just too hard to bear. 

I wanted to report to my parents but I couldn't, I didn't want anything that would tear them apart since they were ageing. I quickly took matters into my own hands, I wanted to just endure and see if my husband would change. I planted a camera around the house, I acted like I didn't know what was going on. 

Normally my husband buys plenty of expensive things for Bella but I never saw anything wrong about it. I felt he was just trying to be nice to her since she came to visit, but that wasn't the case. Bella's attitude changed, she wouldn't take her eyes off my husband each time he came back from work or each time we were sitting together in the living room. 

There is love language it became obvious that even a blind man would sense that two people are in love. Once I leave for work, my house turns into something else. It's either Bella and my husband are in the kitchen having fun, or they are under the shower holding and romancing themselves. It hurt me so much to see my husband do this to me, it hurt me so bad that my kid sister will fall so deeply for my husband. 

One afternoon I came back from work tired and stressed, my husband Ken called me to the living room. I didn't know what was happening but I saw Bella in the living room crying. My husband sat close to her holding her hands and looking at me like he was about to cry too. 

"What's wrong? Am tired I just got back from work", I said.

"I need to tell you something, I know it's going to be a lot to take in but please hear me out", he replied.

"Okay", I muttered.

"Bella and I have been having an affair, We are in love with each other. At this point Bella is also pregnant, she is carrying my child and I want her to keep it" " Ken said. 

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