Ken Episode 2 sad story

I was shocked to my bones, I knew they were having an affair but I was hurt about the fact that she was pregnant for my husband. Ken dares to tell me to my face that they are in love and they need to keep the baby. 

"What? How could you? How could both of you do this to me?" I asked as tears rolled down my eyes. 

"Am so sorry sister, I love Ken so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, am ready to have this child with him", Bella said. 

"Bella you're just 16 years old, are you so stupid that you forgot am married to this man, you have a long way to go, what about school?", I asked looking curious at them. 

"Age is just a number, in the Muslim culture by now my father would have given me to one rich Alhaji for marriage. I don't care about school, you should be happy that I can give your husband a child since you are unable to give him one", Bella yelled. 

"Chika, the school can wait. Bella and I will be together with or without your permission, we're just informing you so we won't take you by surprise. You're my wife but Bella has given me so much more, I want her to be in my life" " Ken said. 

I couldn't say anything, ken wasn't taking permission from me he was telling me his decision which was final. I told my parents about it but they were angry at me, my parents were even blinded by the wealth Ken has. They didn't want to miss out on the things they got from him, I then realized that it was my parent's plan all along for my 16-year-old sister to birth a child for my husband. 

I let everything go, I kept enduring. My husband began to spoil Bella with huge gifts, from a brand-new car to expensive jewellery and other things. They were preparing for their wedding, while I was busy planning my life. I began to think that I was the problem, I thought I was Barren and couldn't mother a child. 

Well I decided to go back to the hospital where Ken and I had a fertility test, we never came back for the results because we were so busy at the moment. When I got there to see what the results said, I was shocked to my spine to find out that I wasn't the reason behind our childlessness but Ken was. 

Ken has an issue with his private part, which needs medical attention. If Ken is the problem for us not having a child for the past 3 years of marriage, then Bella's pregnancy is fake or someone else's. 

I got home with the result, I had no intention of showing Ken. Ken was blinded by whatever Bella was doing to him, he barely talked to me. He doesn't eat my food anymore, and Bella doesn't know how to cook so instead of him not eating my food he rather goes out to eat with Bella. 

I was into the Tech world and I know a lot about coding and creating major codes to make flawless video games. I wrote a proposal to one of the prestigious companies in New York, hoping to get a reply soon. Day by day Bella's belly grew bigger and bigger, anKeKen Kenspoiledng her with gifts. 

Ken's parents came one day to visit, but on seeing me they kept piling insults on me. From calling me barren, witch, child eater to wizard. They were all over my younger sister, pampering her and singing her praises. I began to wonder if this people are out of their minds or maybe they are not normal. 

How can grown-ups behave like zombies, they can't scold their son for indulging himself with a minor or scold him for being unfaithful to me rather they jump around him praising him. My younger sister has no shame, I used to see my sister as a humble girl but I never knew she had this dark side in her. 

I wanted to call the police on them and report the matter but what will the police do? They will end up saying it's a family matter. 

Besides Ken and his family are quite influential police won't dare to touch them. I witnessed how Ken and Bella got married secretly away from the press and paparazzi, After Ken and Bella got married my life changed. I became Ken's maid, and he warned me to quit my job and always attend to Bella whenever she needed anything. 

"You have no right to tell me to quit my job, you can employ a maid for your wife. You have the money to do that, why punish me?" I asked him almost boiling in anger.

"There is no need to work when I have money, and no need to employ any maid when you're here. You can take care of your sister now she's almost due", he said smiling sheepishly at me.

"Ken baby why are you begging her? Leave her alone if she wants to work, who needs her in this house anyway? She shouldn't be here, I don't know why the both of you won't sign the divorce papers. Bella echoed from the room. 

My heart skipped, I love this man so much but I never saw myself leaving him. I had evidence of him not responsible for Bella's pregnancy but I couldn't just show him now he wouldn't still believe me. It's better to secretly do a DNA test when the child arrives. 

You might be wondering why I didn't confront my husband the first time I caught him cheating on me. Well I did, I confronted him but he denied it and accused me of spying on him. That's when I dared to put cameras in every corner of the house. 

"Ken please can I talk to you in private?", I asked him. 

"Alright", he replied. We walked down to the kitchen, I had to shut the door behind me. 

"What is it Chika?" He asked, sounding impatient. 

"Do you trust the fact that Bella is pregnant for you?", I asked looking into his eyes. 

"What do you mean?", He asked. 

"I mean think about it, we have been trying for 3 years to have children of our own but no way. All of a sudden Bella is pregnant for you, just like that without stress", I said looking at him. 

"Chika can't you see that you were the problem, you're barren. You can't have a child of your own, I was patient with you but have run out of patience", he replied. 

"What? Ken, did you just call me barren? I asked.

"Yes Chika you barren, after all the years I wasted with you nothing to show for it and now you are trying to convince me that my love Bella is carrying someone else's child and not mine. I think you're not in the right frame of mind" " Ken muttered. 

"This is not the Ken I married, this is not the man I fell in love with. We were in love, and you promised to wait with me no matter how long but now you even stand before me calling me barren", I echoed with tears gushing out of my eyes like a fountain. 

"Chika, isn't it obvious that I don't love you anymore? I don't love you, you don't excite me. You are just boring and am sick and tired of it… I think you should just sign the divorce papers and leave me and my wife alone" " Ken said trying to walk out of the kitchen. 

"You chose my 16-year-old sister over me your wife, you married her and got her pregnant. Ken, I promise you on this day, you will regret all you did to me", I said, he turned and smiled at me. 

"Don't worry Chika, I won't regret anything", he replied walking out of the kitchen.

This was the same attitude he put up when I confronted him about cheating on me. Now he wants me to sign the divorce papers, I couldn't believe that the man I fell in love with would treat me this way. Even my family failed me, they planned everything with Bella so Ken would not marry someone else

To be continued.....


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