Ken Episode 3 sad story

Money and worldly things have blinded their eyes, they can't see anything but money. A few days later, the company I wrote a proposal for sent me an email letting me know that they would partner with me and make sure all my trips and stay in the company will be taken care of. 

I was really happy because this deal will bring a huge amount of money that can make me rich in no time. I prepared my presentation, and other paperwork in other to proceed with the creation of gaming and coding. 

I kept my success a secret and travelled to New York, they were happy to meet with me and I went through the presentation with them and they were delighted. My first two pay was a million dollars, comparing it to naira is like a billion naira. I went crazy, I was amazed how my life could just turn around for good in just a few months. 

I got back to Nigeria, I still acted like nothing was happening. When I arrived home I noticed the house was filled with lots of people like they were celebrating something important. I saw my parents, they were not even happy to see me. I saw Bella in a very glowing dinner dress holding her baby to her chest, then I realized she had put to bed. 

I saw how happy Ken was, he was so excited that he started sharing a bundle of money with everyone who attended the event. I sat in a corner to watch everything, I love Ken so much but he doesn't feel the same way for me. He made it clear that he will never love me the way he loves Bella. 

I walked to my room and wept like a child, it's such a shame that I lost my husband to my kid sister. My family planned the whole thing and still looked at me as the enemy. I went to Bella's room, looking for an item from the baby's body to do a DNA test. After a few seconds my eyes got fixed on the baby comb laying on the dresser, I took the hair strands from it and zoomed off to my room. 

The next day I woke up early rushing to the hospital to submit the samples for the DNA test. I wanted to know if truly the child is from Ken, 

I got home and started packing my things, making sure none of my belongings was left behind. I got out of my room to get something to eat from the kitchen but my mother stopped me. 

"Where do you think you're going?", My mother asked.

"I want to make something to eat, have you eaten today?", I asked. 

"Chika are you out of your mind? How dare you walk into your sister's kitchen trying to cook something? Are you okay?", She asked with anger written all over her face.

"Mama I don't understand what you are saying, this is my house too. Am still married to Ken, I can choose to walk into this kitchen anytime I like. Besides mama why would you be talking to me like this? What did I do to you people to deserve this kind of treatment?", I voiced out with pain in my heart. 

"Shut up Chika, your place as Ken's wife has been taken by your sister. Since you can not be a woman and produce grandchildren for me and a child for Ken then you are not considered to be a woman but a man. I don't want to raise my voice, better leave this kitchen before Bella sees you here", my mother echoed. 

"Mama what is going on here?", Bella asked as rushed downstairs to intervene.

"Your sister is trying to make something in your kitchen I was correcting her", mother replied. 

"What? Chika are you okay? What are you doing in my kitchen? Please leave, leave my kitchen Chika", Bella yelled at me. 

"Bella watch your tone, the fact you are married to my husband does not give you the right to insult me better watch your tone", I warned her. 

The next thing I felt on my face was a sound slap, I tried to defend myself but mama joined Bella to beat me up in my husband's house. Ken came back and they all reported to him, he became furious and turned me into his punching bag that night and ordered me to leave his house. 

I couldn't believe my eyes that Ken could beat me, I cried myself that night as I watched my mother, Bella and Ken throwing my things outside. I was in so much pain I couldn't believe my own family would do this to me all because of money. 

Ken signed the divorce papers and handed them to me to sign, I signed the papers and gave them back to him. I rolled my boxes out of the compound with tears whaling in my eyes, I could hear Bella and Mama raining insults on me. 

That was the last time I saw Ken and my family. The next day I moved to New York since I already have a partnership with them. I was leaving the dream, my pay was large and my game was spreading like wildfire. I started creating apps for shopping and for snaps, the more people downloaded the more my pay increased. 

The company made so much money from me and I equally made more from them. I invested in so many businesses and I was amazed at how I could save so much money in no time, now I understand why most people leave Nigeria for the white man's land for greener pastures. 

I was just in my office when I got a message on my WhatsApp, it was from my doctor in Nigeria. He sent the result of the DNA test, I was uninterested in opening it. 

I left the messages for months without checking them.

I was going about my life, I got a very big villa. Something I never imagined I was going to get in my life, I was in love with sports cars. I got a few expensive cars that suit my personality, and the way I dress, walk and speak changed. 

My body changed, I was looking much younger and fresh. Was clean and cooperative, and my presence most times in the company scared people. I believe it's the black girl magic working, and I was loving myself every day. 

It's been 3 years since I left Ken, and my family never checked up on me. I began to wonder how they were doing, so I decided to check the result on my WhatsApp to see what it said. 

Reading it made me shed tears, I was right all along. The child Bella birthed for Ken wasn't his child, Bella's pregnancy was for someone else. How could my family be this desperate, in fact, how could Bella be this desperate? All because of money she had to give Ken another man's child. 

To be continued...


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