Ken Episode 4 sad story

 I forwarded the result and the video clips of Ken and Bella having an affair behind my back. I forwarded everything to Ken's email. 

I felt bad for him, but that's what you get when you lose someone who loves you for trash. 

I got back to Nigeria after some years, I started building my game park. I got some landed properties, bought an estate and named it after me CHIKA.

I missed Nigeria so much, that I started going out and meeting new people. My company paid some security to keep a close watch on me so nothing can go wrong with me since am not in New York for the time. 

I was in a 5-star restaurant having lunch when I saw my younger sister Bella. She was cleaning the table and moving the dirty plates away, she saw me but couldn't recognize me. 

Well, you can't blame her I changed a lot, and money looked good on me. 

Bella was looking sick and dry, I was wondering why she would be working in a place like this when she was married to Ken who could do anything for her. 

I quickly left the restaurant after paying, I lost my appetite. I walked down to my car in a hurry so no one would notice the tears wailing in my eyes. 

I was about to enter my car when I heard someone call out my name. When I turned I was shocked to see Ken running towards me, I quickly got Into the car and told my driver to zoom off. 

I could see the pain In Ken's face when I drove past him, what could he possibly tell me after all the pain and humiliation he put me through? 

I got into one of the apartments I bought, I was down. I wasn't supposed to be thinking about Ken and my family, after all these years they never cared to look for me or check up on me. 

I sank myself in my bathtub, holding a wine glass, and listening to music. I decided to go out and party, I needed to have fun after so many years of working nonstop. I have achieved a lot and I needed to enjoy my life. 

I prepared myself for the night, I told my driver to take me down to a very nice club around town. There I bumped into Jake an old friend of mine, we went to the same university since then we lost contact. 

I used to crush on Jake then, he was the hottest and cutest guy on campus. Girls wouldn't stop throwing themselves at him, but funny enough Jake never dated any girl from campus but outside the campus. 

I was excited seeing him, at least have seen someone to while away time in the club. Jake and I talked about a lot of things, he told of how he had been unlucky in relationships till he gave up. 

He was comfortable confiding in me, so I decided to tell him all that has been through. He was amazed, he was shocked just staring at me blankly. 

"Chika any man who will treat you like trash isn't a real man. Your ex-husband was blind not to see your true beauty, you're a rare gem and you shouldn't be treated like trash", Jake said. 

"Thank you, Jake, I appreciate that", I replied.

"You shouldn't be thanking me, I should be thanking you for trusting me with your history", he added. 

"Jake it's fine, I feel we were in a dark place in life for a long time, now it's time to move on and be happy", I replied. 

"You're right, Let's get out of here and go somewhere nice", he said. 

"Sure", I muttered.

Well I didn't see any need to be in the club, it was a bit noisy and crowded. Jake and I went to a nice restaurant to have dinner, we talked about a lot of things. We got to know ourselves, and the excitement I felt was quite different. I hadn't felt that way in a long time, we went to different places to hang out that night before I arrived home. 

It didn't end there, Jake and I kept texting each other on a regular. We always hung out and visited some places to chill, the feelings I had for him were just beyond love. 

We have been seeing each other for months now and it feels like we have known ourselves for years. Jake owns a publishing company, his a boss and he could do whatever he wants but I never saw him show off, act like he rules the world or force me to do anything like Ken did to me. 

Jake was just different, one evening I arrived at a location sent by Jake. He asked me to dress sweetly and meet and meet him there, when arrived people around were just looking at me weirdly in a way I could tell something was not right. 

When I arrived at the dinner area I saw Jake standing close to well well-decorated area written WILL YOU MARRY ME? I was shocked. 

I walked up to him smiling, he went on one knee popping the big question. Chika will you do me the honor by marrying me? I smiled sheepishly almost jumping on him.

"Yes I will marry you", I said while he put the ring on my finger.

We kissed passionately, and everyone in the area was clapping for us. It felt like my world had begun and it was going to end with him, we had a very fancy dinner together. 

To be continued...


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