Ken episode 5 sad story


It was a very exciting moment for me, we went to visit his parents Mr & Mrs Robyn. They were excited to see me, they loved me and welcomed me like their own. Jake doesn't have a sister just just grew up with his three brothers. 

His mother Mrs Robyn loved me, we became close after all I needed a mother figure in my life since my parents threw me away from their lives all because of money.

When Mrs Robyn asked me about my parents, I wanted to lie to her saying they were dead but I decided that no need to lie. I told her everything that happened to me, and my parents treated me. She went blank, she cried her eyes out holding me so tight. 

Mrs Robyn promised to love me like her daughter and show me unconditional love. I felt at home, Jake loves me but his family loves me so much. 

After much preparation for our wedding, I invited my white friends and workers in New York to my wedding. They turned up for me and I was excited, we got married in a simple arena with few people. News of my wedding went around, remember when I first came back to Nigeria after many years in New York. When I first came I started a gaming park project, when I got married the news of the wedding spread like wildfire; at that moment they all realized I was the CEO of the gaming park. 

Not only that but they googled my net worth and found out I was worth billions, I didn't want to be super popular but Nigerians like to dig out people's life history once they find out you are successful. 

Marriage was sweet, and Jake and I travelled to New York. I showed him my office and the properties I got there. Both my expensive sports cars and other stuff, he was amazed at how I could achieve all of this after my painful experience. 

After our three-month honeymoon, we went back to Nigeria. I needed to supervise my gaming park, and other of my investment before going back to New York. 

One afternoon I was supervising my game park when I bumped into Bella cleaning the floor of a particular area. I got pissed, how could employ people without reviewing them or without my consent. 

"Hey what are you doing here?", I asked Bella. 

"Am cleaning ma, do you need something?", She asked, I believe she still doesn't recognize me. 

"Well I could tell you hardly recognize me, but please you're fired. You can't work here", I said to her walking away. 

"What? You can't fire me. Who do you think you are to just walk up to me and fire me?", she yelled, almost attracting some eyes to our direction. 

"Oh that is the Bella I know", I said with a smile. 

"How do you know my name?", She asked. 

"Well you don't recognize me, let me refresh your memory. You were married to my ex-husband, gave him another man's child and still kicked me out of the house with your mother. Now do you recognize me?", I asked, looking at her face full of shock. 

"What? Sister Chika! How can this be? I thought you were dead", she replied. 

"Oh my God never failed me", I replied with a smile. 

"I own this place you're cleaning, you kicked me out of my husband's house. I knew the child wasn't his I gave you a chance to tell the truth but you didn't, so why are you even here if I may ask?", I said looking at her as she burst into tears. 

"Ken kicked me out when he found out the child wasn't his, he took everything from our parents. Both the house and shop he got for Mama, and the car Papa was driving. He even kicked me and the child out of the house, mama was seriously sick no money to take her to the hospital. 

Papa is in a wheelchair, he lost his leg after a running bus hit him. He was lucky to be alive, I have to work to bring money home if not papa will make the house hell for me", Bella fell on her knees crying. 

"Yes, Bella life is simple but we humans intend to make it difficult for us. I was happy in my marriage till you caused me pain, I did everything to make you smile but you killed me with your dark side now it's time to face your enemies", I said as I signalled the security to take her away from my building. 

I could hear her cry and beg for forgiveness but that wasn't what I wanted anyway. The time for begging me was long gone, I have a whole new family now who love me and are always there for me. 

I went back home, I told Jake what happened and he was shocked. I didn't want anything to drag me back to my past, my past was ugly and each time I thought of it I felt regret. 

I know Ken must have seen me on the news after my wedding, he would have been in pain. I don't care after all he treated me like trash because he felt I was the problem. 

The next day I got to my gaming park and I found my sister with her 5-year-old son and my father in the visitor's garage waiting patiently for me. As soon as they saw me their eyes struck wide open, I was bitter seeing my father in a wheelchair with one of his legs gone. 

"What are you people doing here?", I asked already pissed. 

"My daughter, we're here to see you", my father replied with a cracking voice like they were

 going to die. 

"Hey old man point of correction am not your daughter, I was never your child don't ever in your life call me that", I replied. 

"Please sister hear us out, We are here to beg for your forgiveness. Mama is dying, she can't move, talk or eat anything please help us", she cried out and she held her son.

"Help? Help you? All the help I did for you and your good-for-nothing parents where did it land me to? You are their saviour why can't you help them? If you never knew I was the owner of this prestigious company would you come to me for help? You people are sick", I voiced out angrily. 

"Please I know we have wronged you, please forgive me, forgive us please", my father pleaded. 

"Security! Security! Security! Get these fools out of my facility", I yelled out, I watched how they took them out of my facility. 

"My daughter please forgive me, please", my father cried out.

"Sister please, forgive me, please", my sister cried out. 

"Don't let any of them into this place again, if I see them any day in here you will lose your Job", I said as I walked down to my office. 

Tishania Ginikach 

To be continued...


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