Hot Mafia Episode: 6

When I woke up, Mason was sleeping peacefully beside me.

Oh my, God, what have I done? I can’t believe I slept with a stranger.

I only knew him for few hours and I was on the bed with him already.

I hit my head softly and truly regretted for what I have done.

How can I be so stupid and naive? He only wants you for your body, Angela . Where’s your principle?

Where’s I’m-going-to-live-my-life ? Now, you’re useless to him since he has got what he wanted.

Maybe I should go. I shouldn’t even stay in this room any longer or else, I’ll do something that I’ll regret again.

Oh wait, I have done it already, haven’t I?

I gathered my clothes and quickly get dressed.

I tip-toed to the door, in case he wakes up, and escaped from the room.

I peeked out the front windows and saw tall black gates, CCTV, and his bodyguards clad in black and were holding guns.

How am I going to escape? And so, I went to the kitchen and escaped from the back door but someone called me out.

“Oh Miss Angela? What are you doing here? Are you hungry?“ Caroline called out.

“Look, Caroline. I need to go back now. Can you lead me out?“ I begged.

“Oh sure. Please follow me,“ Caroline smiled and escorted me out.

Mason’s POV

I woke up and found out Angela was not beside me anymore.

Where is she? I jumped out of the bed and walked around to find her but she was nowhere to be found.

I get dressed quickly and ran downstairs.

“Good morning, Sir,“ Caroline smiled.

“Have you seen Angela?“ I asked anxiously.

“Oh yes. She just went back,“ Caroline answered and prepared the breakfast on the table.

“What? She went back?“ I yelled, which startled Caroline.

“Yes, Sir,“ she widened her eyes and looked at me.

“Jay, get the car ready,“ I ordered.

“Sir, how about your breakfast?“ Caroline asked.

“Do you still think I have the appetite to eat when my precious girl ran away after having sex with me?“

I threw a question at her and she was speechless immediately.

What is wrong with her?

How could she just run away like that?

I was so furious at the thought of her running away from me.

I speed up so I could reach her hotel sooner.

“Tina, give me Angela’s room key,“ I ordered the moment I entered the premise.

“But Sir,“ the receptionist stuttered.

“Calm down, Mason.

She’s not in her room. She hasn’t come back since last night,“ Roy patted my shoulder.

“I don’t care. Just give me the damn key, “ I glared at him.

“But Mason,“

“One more word from any of you and you’re fired,“ I said harshly.

“Alright, alright. Here you go, Mason,“ Roy passed me the key.

I snatched it from his hand and made my way to the elevator.

Angela’s POV

I took my diary out from my bag and took a sip of my cappuccino.

Starbucks has always been my number one.

For now, I’ll need to return to my hotel and gather everything up so I can shift them to my new apartment.

I have to get things done before looking for a job.

Just the thought of starting a new life excites me.

I smiled to myself, stood up and walk back to the hotel.

“Wow, who parked this black Lamborghini.. car right in front of the hotel?

Whoever it is, he must be extremely rich,“ I mumbled to myself and entered the hotel.

It felt strange as all the woman in the reception glared at me like they were jealous of me.

Funny enough, there’s nothing for them to be jealous.

I’m just some homeless and jobless girl.

I pouted and took another sip of my drink before entering the elevator.

Suddenly, the thought of my parents when they found out I was missing scared me.

What if they find me here? They’ll definitely kidnap me and lock me up in my room forever.

I’m just being frivolous now. They can never find me here.

I smiled to myself and took my card out and entered the room.

My smile immediately vanished when I realized there were two men in my room.

How can I be so stupid! Of course he would find me here!


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