After my new employees left my office, i smiled within me, I really love their friendship.

I wish I had a friend too....but i don't get lucky with friends.

And then i remembered how the one called kunle was staring at me when he first saw me.

I couldn't help but let out a silent chuckle.....I asked myself several questions.

Does it mean he is in love with me, or am just over thinking things?

Well I like his boldness, but what if he is after me because of my wealth? Could it be i have fallen for him so soon?

Oh Helen!!!! You have to take things slowly so you don't get b£trayed again.

Well let's see how it goes, what will be, will be.


When it was 4:30 pm, I started getting prepared to leave the office.

During the process Tunde barged in like he owned the office.

Nawa oh, what were you doing since, we are to always close from work by exactly 4pm.

Was it not written on your file or you just choose to waste time....he said.

Where are you rushing to Tunde, do you have wife and kids at home? I jokingly asked.

Abeg let's go home jaaare I am tired and hungry.

While I and Tunde were about stepping out from my office, we saw our boss P.A about to move out from her office too.

"Hello" she greeted us.

"Good evening" we chorused.

And she stretched out her hands towards me for a handshake.

Am "shalewa" nice to meet you today.

Am "kunle" it's my pleasure.

 I know your name and I will like to be friends with you since our offices are close to each other.

Here's my card, contact me if you need anything or want me to put you through anything.

After she slipped her card into my palms, she left.

Kunle did you see that, you've got a crush already.

Leave me alone Tunde i don't find her attractive.

We came out from the building and saw our lexus car beautifully staring at us.

That moment I muttered a silent "thank you lord" I was glad I learnt driving beforehand so I drove myself and Tunde home because he didn't know how to drive.

When we got home, all eyes were on us the whole of our neighbours in our compound all came out to stare at us.

I quickly rushed in to avoid unnecessary questions and Answers from them.


While I was driving home i couldn't stop thinking about tunde, the moment I set my eyes on him today, i fell in love for him instantly.

And since that moment I couldn't get him off my mind, I noticed how he started at boss Helen, what does she have that I don't have?....I mean she isn't more prettier than me.

Kunle is mine and mine alone and I will get him at all costs, not even boss Helen can take him away from me.... it's a promise.


After showering and having dinner, I couldn't thinking about my boss again, the picture of how beautiful she is keeps coming to my memory.

"Tunde"....I called.

"How far kunle"..... He replied.

I think I am in love.

Wow, that's good news,so who is the lucky girl??

It's our boss....i said.

Immediately i said that tunde let out a very loud laughter, making me look stupid.

You are such a clown kunle and I don't regret laughing at you because you are joke please?

Tunde stop it am not joking, am really serious believe me, the moment I set my eyes on her today was the moment I fell in love with her.

Not me thinking you were just admiring her beauty today kunle, nawa oh.

Yes she is beautiful but their is this feeling i had when I was staring at her, i have never felt it before so I knew it's love.

When last did you treat malaria kunle?

What has malaria got to do with this discussion??

I need to ask because I think you are suffering from malaria.

Enough of the joke's tunde please let's be serious here, i really need your advice. 

Kunle i would advise you do away with every feelings you have for our boss, because you sound like you want to take advantage of her because she is rich and beautiful.

Let me tell you the rich, don't value mere words they value actions.

If you want to win her heart, put in more efforts to make her company grow, show her what you've got upstairs and she will naturally fall in love with you.

If you just rush to tell her your feelings now, she will see you as someone who wants to take advantage of her and she won't take you serious.

Wow Tunde, am impressed thank you so much for your advice i think i need to slow down for now and do the right thing.

That's what am talking about kunle, instead of you to think about how we are going to move away from here, to a better place you are thinking about another thing .

Or aren't you tried of this place?... Me am tired oh.

By tomorrow let's get an agent to secure a flat for us so we can both have our separate rooms.

You are right Tunde it's high time we upgrade.

While we were still discussing, we heard a knock at our door.

To be continued

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