When we heard the knock at the door, we both looked at each other wondering who that could be because we weren't expecting anyone.

Were you expecting someone?..... I asked Tunde" 

I am supposed to ask you that, because you are not single, unlike me that is single to stupor.

That one concern you, then i left to go check who was knocking.

When I opened the door i was shocked to see who was standing before me.

Standing before me was "chioma" my landlord daughter she also held plate's of food in a tray and I ushered her in.

Tunde collected the tray of foods from her and drop it on the table while chioma sat on one of our plastic chairs.

Good evening bro kunle and bro tunde how was work today, I made you both dinner I just hope you would love it, let me take my leave now.

We thanked her for her kind gesture and she left.

Immediately she left, Tunde burst out laughing at me.

Look at this lun.atic, now what's funny, why are you laughing at me?.....I asked Tunde.

Isn't it funny and a wonder to you how the almighty chioma who rejected you in the past is coming to bring food for us?.... it's very funny to me sha.

 Tunde Me too am surprised oh, I don't even know what to do with her food because am already full.

You can as well keep it for tomorrow morning as breakfast na.

Ehen kunle that reminds me, i think shalewa has interest in you oh, or what do you think?

Tunde i told you before that I don't find her attractive, our boss is the only woman occupying my heart right now.

But you can as well date shalewa pending when our boss accept to date you.

I am not greedy Tunde, i don't want to have anything to do with shalewa, because she looks wild and loud, i love my peace of mind please.

If that's your decision, then no wahala Na let me check out the food this girl brought for us.

Tunde opened the food, and discovered it was fried noodles and chicken garnished with carrot and other vegetables.

Omoooorr!!!.... see food Tunde exclaimed.

The aroma of the food was all over the room, and I couldn't help but eat.

While I was eating, i kept wondering why chioma brought this sumptuous meal, does she wants to take a space in my heart because she feels i have arrived??

I then remembered how i constantly begged her to be my girlfriend in the past.

But she turned me down, telling me i can't take care of her that she doesn't date broke guys.

Now here she is trying to win my heart, she is just wasting her time, i no longer have feelings for her.

After we finished eating, she went to sleep so we can wake up on time for work.


We work up by 4am and started getting prepared for work without even making breakfast.

So by 5:30am, we were ready to leave for work when chioma ran towards us holding a bag containing food flasks for me.

I couldn't even asked her questions or reject her offer, i just collected it from her and we drove off to work.

We arrived at the company by few minutes past 7 all thanks to our new ride.

I went straight to my office so I get started with the business of the day but i was shocked and surprised at what i saw.

I saw flower's, money bouquet, watches, perfumes, suit's and many other gifts all on my office desk.

At first I thought I was in the wrong office, but I went out to checked and saw my name bold crested on my door post .

So who could have bought this gifts, i wondered.

Or was it meant for the former employee here, or was the gift meant for another employee, and my office was mistaken for his office?

Several questions flooded through my mind but I couldn't find answers to them so I thought of calling Tunde to come help me out.

While I was trying to call Tunde, the door to my office opened.

To be continued

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