Ken Episode 6


It's tiring seeing this people all over my company as if they contributed to my success. I got my office an found so many paper work to access, my assistant fetched me a cup of coffee while I work. 

I got addicted to coffee since I got my life changing job in New York. While work, I sipped every bit of it like it was an orange juice. My assistant walked into my office, breathing heavily. 

"Linda what's the problem?", I asked curiously.

"There is man who requested to see you but I told you are busy but his fighting his way through and i can't stop him", she replied.

"Where are the security? I pay for security and now they are no where to be found", I said angrily. 

"What should I do?", She asked .

"Did he by any chance tell you his name?", I asked. 

"Yeah he said his name is Ken", she replied.

My eyes got wide open, what will ken possibly want from me? I asked myself. Our marriage ended a long time ago he has no right to be in my office or any of my property.

"Don't worry Linda, let him in", I requested.

Few seconds later ken walked in, ken was always neat, handsome and always on cooperate outfit but this time he looked different. He was on Cooperate outfit but he was looking frustrated, depressed and drained. 

I could tell he was still rich, and capable of looking fantastic through his designer perfume which spread across the room. He stood looking at me with tears almost escaping his eyes, I felt his pain, I felt his urge of undoing what he had done to me but it's just too late for all of that. 

"Mr Ken what brings you to my office?", I asked curiously. 

"Chika I don't know where to start from, I saw the email and all the evidence I never know I was a fool all along. I never knew I was the problem, I treated you so bad and please Chika forgive me, please I need your forgiveness", ken said.

"Ken i have no business with you or what you feel, am very busy I need you to leave my office", I echoed. 

"Chika, I will do anything to get you back even if it takes loosing my wealth ad everything dear to me. Since you left me, my whole life just turned upside down. Your sister and family destroyed me and lied to me after everything I did for them", ken went on his knees pleading.

"Ken you must me joking, you want me back? Can you even hear yourself talk? Am a married woman who is in love with a very simple and amazing man. He treats me much better than anyone has even you couldn't take care of me", I replied. 

"Kneeling and begging me to forgive you is another kettle of fish, asking me to be with you is a very bizarre request to accept. You are finally getting what you deserve and that's karma", I added. 

"Please forgive me, you can divorce your husband and tell him your not interested anymore. He won't force you, am here now I will make it up to you and I promise to be a better husband to you", ken stood up walking close to me desk. 

"Ken you must me out of your mind, you expect me to leave the man that picked up the broken piece's of my heart and loved me unconditionally. You want me to come back to your sorry self because you think you have money. What can you give me?", I yelled. 

"I will give you the world, I will get so many properties if that's what it takes", ken replied. 

"Your still the proud Ken I use to know, your money is no good to me. Incase you don't know an a billionaire, I make millions every second as people play my games, download them and compete with theirselves. I have so many properties, cars, and many more, am recognize home and aboard. Your money won't do anything", I replied.

At this point I was so pissed, I was about to say something when I ran into the toilet in my office to throw up. I threw up for about 2 minutes before stepping out, I felt sick and weak instantly. I wiped my lips and walked back to my seat, trying to adjust my self when my husband Jake walked in. 

Jake was shocked to see Ken standing and crying, ken quickly wiped his eyes but it was took late. Jake rushed to me and kisses me passionately, ken couldn't stand the sight. 

"Diamond are you okay? You look sick", Jake asked. Jake loves calling me diamond, and I loved it because it was unique. 

"I feel sick, have been throwing up. I think we should visit the hospital", I replied. 

"What's he doing here?", Jake asked pointing at Ken. 

"His here asking me to forgive him, he wants me to Divorce you and come back to him", I replied with an evil smirk, trying to make jest of Ken. 

Jake laughed out loud looking at Ken who was feeling shy and intimidated. 

"Not on my watch, kek or ken. Whatever you call yourself, stay away from my wife don't ever come close to her, if I see you one inch close to her or her property you will be arrested", Jake warned ken. 

Quickly the security came in and took ken out of the building, I and Jake went to the hospital to run some test. I was till feeling sick and weak, finally the results came out and it was stated that am 3 weeks pregnant. 

Jake was so happy that he throw a surprise party for me, his family was thrilled to that I was pregnant. Jake pampered me so well, without even asking for anything he got it for me. 

I haven't been this happy since I married ken, but Jake gave me another part of life that I never knew was there. I stopped going to the office, the doctor said I needed rest and truly I needed it. 

I kept receiving phone calls about ken visiting my facility to see me. Because of his constant appearance Jake got angry and informed the police and other security agency about ken's behavior. 

Ken and his family where given a warning note not to visit any of my property again. 

I told Jake about my younger sister Bella and how she had been visiting my facility, I also told him what happened to my mother. He felt bad, he made me realize paying evil with evil is not the way to live. 

Mrs Robyn also advise me to forgive them and try to help my mother with treatment and other things they need. No matter how it is with family, they will always be family. 

I gave it so much thoughts and finally decided to visit them and help. On getting to the place they lived, they informed me that my mother couldn't make it. She died a day before my coming, I felt sad. 

To be continued....


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