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When we got to my boss office, we all sat down waiting for her to address us..... and then she spoke to me first.

So kunle do you know this lady? I need nothing but the truth.

I know her ma... I replied.

How did you know her?

"She was my former landlord daughter"....I said.

So are you truly responsible for her pregnancy as she claimed?

No ma I didn't even Dãte her.... and then chioma started again.

Kunle is that is, you want to deny me again okwia?

Young lady please it's okay, here is my office and I won't tolerate you shouting here.

So back to you kunle how come she knows your workplace and you said you didn't date her?

I don't know how she knew this place but what am sure of is that i haven't dated her before and I am not responsible for her pregnancy ma.

If that is the case, then we would go for a DNA while the child is still in her womb so we can know if you are truly responsible for it or not.

Immediately chioma heared that, her eyes widened in shock and she stuttering.

Ma y..oo..uu m...ee..aa nn DNA? chioma asked

Yes young lady, we would all go for the DNA test right now so we can know who owns your pregnancy.

That won't be necessary ma, let me come out plain i wasn't pregnant ma.... chioma said.

Immediately she said that, we all in the office gasped in shock.

You mean there was no pregnancy?.... my boss asked chioma.

Yes ma, I did that to get Kunles attention, he refused to love me and told me he loves someone else, please am sorry.

I stared at chioma with anger and pain written all over me, I thought of the embarrassment she and her mother caused me some minutes ago .

While chioma was still apologising, shalewa swung into action and quickly called the police.

Few minutes later the police arrived and took chioma and her mother away.

Shalewa ran towards me trying to comfort me but I pulled her hands away from me.

I stared at my boss and I didn't even know when I ran to give her a hug.

At first she was shocked, but then I felt her hands on my rubbing it gently.

I admired her more with the way she settled the issue without stress.

She saved me from embarrassment and I greatful to her.

After i let go of her muttered a "thank you" to her and pecked her chicks.... immediately i pecked her chicks, she blushed and was shy to look at my face.

Shalewa seeing all that, left the office angrily but I didn't care.

Tunde also left leaving me and my boss alone in her office.

And when I was about leaving her office, she held my hands.

Do you truly love me kunle?

To be continued.....

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