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After my se*ual rump with kunle, we both slept off and I woke up an hour later feeling drained.

When I woke up, at first I was shocked to see myself and kunle being n*ked with our clothes everywhere and then my brain started replaying everything that happened between us an hour ago and I started crying.

I felt really ashamed of myself, for the fact that I was the one who even encouraged kunle to have me made me w££p more feeling embarrassed.

Helen how could you?....I asked myself.

How could you offer your dignity cheaply to your employee?....a man you aren't sure he truly love's you.

In your office for that matter, are you that desperate and cheap Helen?

Several questions kept coming to me head.... how do I explain to my parents that I couldn't keep my body till am married?

How am I going to face kunle, am sure he would loose the love and respect he has for me now?...I asked myself in regret still shedding tears.

I need to go now before kunle wake's up, and I can't face him right now.

And i quickly dressed up with the little strength left in me...I couldn't even clean up properly because I was still feeling pa*ins down there.

When I came out of my office i saw i saw Tunde, he greeted me but I couldn't even reply him because I was so ashamed of myself....I left in a hurry without looking back.


I left kunle and our boss together at her office as at 3pm so when it was 4pm, which was our closing hour i went to check on Tunde but i didn't see him at his office.

Could he have left the office without me?....I asked myself.

But i searched outside the company and saw his car parked outside even our boss car was also outside too.

That shows kunle is still in the building and he is still with our boss.

But why is our boss still in her office by this time, she usually leaves before everyone in the company?......or could it be kunle has told her his feelings.

I was worried for my friend and confused at the same time, so I went to my boss office so see if kunle is there.

When I got to my boss office, i knocked but i didn't get a response but i know there's someone in there because there's still the OPEN card placed on her door.

If she had left it will have changed to "CLOSED" so I decided to just wait for my friend kunle so I sat down on the chair facing the door to my boss office.

Kunle left his phone at his office so I couldn't reach him to know his whereabouts, i wouldn't want to call my boss either

So when it was almost 7pm, by then i was so exhausted and hungry but I was determined to wait for kunle, by then i was the only one left inside the company as the rest workers had all gone home except the securities outside.

Suddenly the door to my boss office opened and I stood up to greet her but she ignored me and left in a hurry and she wasn't walking straight and then i knew something was wrong.

I quickly rushed into her office and I saw kunle sleeping like a de*ad ma and he was sta*rk na*ked.

I woke kunle up so we would go home because it was already getting dark. 


I felt a tap on my shoulder and I saw Tunde in front of me, looking at me with anger on his face.

Hey what are you doing here, how did you get in, where is my love Helen?

Your love Helen?....tunde asked.

Sorry i mean where is our boss?

She left few minutes ago... Tunde replied.

Kunle get dressed and let's go please we are the only one's inside this building right now.

Whaaatt!!! I exclaimed and then i checked the time and it was few minutes after 7.

And then i quickly wore my clothes and we left the building.

I couldn't even drive because I was so exhausted for the day so I followed tunde in his car and we went home.

To be continued.....

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