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While Tunde was driving us home, I wondered what was running through his mind because he never say a word to be.

There was an unusual silence between us and I couldn't even think straight.

And i thought of Helen, and I wondered why she suddenly left without informing me, ....hope nothing went wrong?

I tried texting Helen but she didn't replied me, so I started calling her but she refused to pick.

What is happening!!!...I said aloud, and Tunde looked at me without saying anything.

Guy what up with you, you've been silent....I asked.

But tunde didn't respond to me so I let him be.

When we got home, I quickly went into the bathroom to have a bath.

I filled my bathtub with warm water and then i stepped into.

While I was in the bathtub i started reminiscing the good time i had with Helen a while ago, and I smiled.

Helen i promise to cherish and love you till our old age, you are mine forever....I said myself smiling sheepishly.

I was was still in my thoughts when Tunde voice brought me back to present.

Kunle if you know what is good for you, better come out of that bathroom before I come and Dr*ag you out myself.... you've stressed me enough for today, come out and let's eat dinner.

After he said that, i heared him walk.....I wondered how long i spent here thinking about Helen....I wonder if she is okay?

I finished bathing and I put on my pyjamas and then i left my room to join Tunde at the dinning table.

You for kuku sleep for inside your bathroom na...I thought you would never come out .....he said sco*rn*fully.

Tunde no vex I was just thinking about what chioma and her mother did to us today.

You li*ar you think am a kid abii?...abeg gist me wetin happen with you and boss jhoor or you think i didn't know something fi*shy happened between you two?.

I smiled, and then told him everything that happened between i and Helen at her office.

Sharrpp man!!!... Tunde hailed...baba ibeji in the making.

Stop it tunde, which one is baba ibeji again?.... please i didn't ask for that oh ....I said.

See you...

Tunde stop teasing me abeg, the thing is I tried texting her but she is not responding and called her she isn't picking her calls, I am worried.

Leave her alone for now maybe she is too tired to talk to anyone, tomorrow morning you can call her....but I hope she consented to it with you sha, because the way she left, seems to me like she wasn't happy about something.

But she gladly consented to it I wondered what went wrong.

I hurriedly ate my dinner and went to bed leaving tunde behind.

When I got to my room, i started calling Helen again but she didn't pick, i still send several messages but no reply.

And i muttered a silent prayer to God to keep her.

I couldn't even sleep, because I kept thinking about Helen and everything we did at her office until 3am in the morning before I could sleep.


When I got home I immediately went into the shower to bath.

While the water from the shower poured on me, the memories of how kunle did things to me kept flashing before my face.

And i started sobbing and regretted what I did, i felt unhappy with my self.

 I could not even eat dinner.

After bathing, I put on my pyjamas And just lie on my bed staring at nothing.

And then my phone started ringing and I checked i saw it was kunle calling and he had sent several messages.

I angrily kept my phone aside and then i went to sleep.

To be continued.....

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