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The door to my office opened and shalewa walked in giving me a side hug...she was about to peck me but I quickly turned away.

These little gifts are from me to you, I hope you love them?....she asked.

If i could remember correctly miss shalewa....

Call me shalewa please.

Okay, if I could remember correctly shalewa, today isn't my birthday, and am not celebrating anything either....so why all this gifts?....I asked.

Look kunle this gift are my own little way of asking for your friendship, and it means a lot to me to be close to you.

Miss shalewa i think you are being too forward here.... anyways I appreciate the gifts but am sorry I can't accept them.

You said what?...she asked with shock written all over her face.

You heard me right miss shalewa, i can't accept gifts from you for now please and if you don't mind, i would love it if you get all these cleared away from here immediately i want to make use of my office desk.

It's okay kunle let me leave you for now, i would send someone to come get it cleared now.

And then she left shutting my door loudly.

After she left, I felt proud of myself for turning her gifts down, am contented with the way I am now i don't want to owe her my loyalty because she gave me gifts.

I quickly snapped the gifts and forward it to Tunde through WhatsApp.


immediately i got to my office i h!t my desk loudly throwing away everything on the desk.

How d@r£ you kunle, how d@r£ you reject my gifts.

And i remembered the stress, income and time it took me to get all those gifts and then i started sobbing.

Kunle you can run away from me as long as you can, but you can never hide from me, i would still have you regardless.... it's a promise kunle, i always go for what's mine,and you are mine kunle.


Since the moment I saw kunle drove in yesterday evening with a new ride, i knew thing's has started getting better for him.

I prepared dinner for him so i can.... you know, let him know that am still available for him.

Though I turned him down in the past but i was only encouraging him to do better for himself.

Now that things are better now, i should be the rightful woman for kunle and I can't wait to cruise with him with his new ride.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so I would get kunle to love me alone through my sweet foods... thank goodness I know how to cook.


An hour has passed and shalewa didn't send anyone to come get the gifts as she promised.

So I called two janitor's to help me take them to her office so I can make use of my desk.

Few minutes later they were done packing it away and I started working immediately.

During lunch time i strolled out of my office to get something to eat when I saw Tunde about coming to see me.

Guy how far na, i was about coming to see you, you look moody, was work stressful today?

Tunde no be small thing oh, didn't you see the photos i sent to you on WhatsApp?

Yeah I did, did you buy them?

No oh, i didn't oh it was shalewa who bought them, claiming she wants us to be friends, but i rejected them immediately.

Habaaa kunle you shouldn't have rejected them na, you should have at least appreciated her efforts for buying those gifts by collecting them..... they are all expensive you know.

Tunde i don't care, i just don't want anybody apart from our boss to expect much from me that's all .

Nawa for you sef, anyways seems like you were trying to go get lunch?

Yes of course let's go together na 

But what about the food flasks chioma gave to you this morning have you eaten it?

No, i don't want to eat it, you can go and eat it if you want but me am not interested in the food.

While I was still talking to tunde, shalewa passed, looking at me with h@tr£d in her eyes.

"Good afternoon" we greeted her, but she snubbed us and went into her office.

You see what I was talking about kunle, now you've got yourself an £n£my .

I don't care abeg let's go.... and by the way did you later contact any house agent's?

Yes I did, and by weekend we would go check out the place and move into it .

So how much did it cost?

It cost us a million for one year so I have made payment already so we would use your own money for furniture's and other things we would need.

Wow you are such a genius Tunde you are a good friend and the brother i never had.

What are friends for kunle?.... we are gees for life.

After our discussion, we strolled to a nearby eatery for lunch so we could get back to work.

To be continued....

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