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Saturday that same week, i and Tunde went to check out our new apartment as planned.

It was a two bedroom flat so we got someone to paint and decorate our apartment.

Later that same day we went shopping to buy some furnitures and home appliances for our apartment.

By the time we were done beautifying our, apartment, it was already getting late so we left hoping to move in the next day being Sunday.

When we got home, we immediately started arranging most of our important valuables and documents so we can move early the next day.

While we were arranging our things we heard a knock on the door and I immediately knew who it was.

I opened the door and my thoughts was right, it was chioma.

Hello good evening bro kunle and bro tunde how are you both doing, how was work today.

This one you are packing up your things are you both traveling?

We are moving to a new apartment by tomorrow i answered without looking at her face.

So kunle you mean you are leaving me behind, without any proper notice at all?.....did you hat£ me that much?

Look chioma enough of your emotional talk's, gone are those i had loved you, and wanted you to be my girlfriend but now I am in love with someone else...I no longer have feelings for you.

Kunle this thing you are doing isn't fair oh, you saw and liked me first just that I wasn't ready to date you.... now you are inlove with someone you just met, is she more beautiful than me?

Look chioma, i am not ready for this kind of discussion with you, i will not allow you talk down on the woman I love because you aren't even up to half of her level.

So if you don't mind please excuse us you can see we were busy when you came .

And chioma left our room hissing loudly.

Kunle you were too harsh on the young girl, you don't have to belittle her just because you want to hype the woman you love.

Weren't you aware o6 how she rejected and humiliated me in the past?

If i had not gotten this job, would she have been here trying to compare herself with our boss....the woman I love?

It's okay kunle just calm down everything will be okay soon.

Let's just get our things ready so we can move away from here tomorrow....I don't want to set my eyes on her ever again. 


I stormed into my room angrily mumuring to myself.

Chioma what is the matter? Why are you looking sad?.... asked my mom.

It's kunle, he said he doesn't want me anymore and he is in love with someone else....i said crying.

Don't worry my child wipe your tears, i have a plan.


we woke up early as usual 4am and we began to put few of our things in our car .

Within 20 minutes we were done parking and we drove off.

While I was driving, i felt relieved and happy to move in to a new better environment.

We got to our apartment's and we settled down in our various room's to arrange our things in the right positions .

It was a very hectic day was us.

Tunde made dinner of rice and fish stew and we both ate and went to bed in our various room's so we can have a rest and prepare for work the next day.

While I was in my room i couldn't stop admiring the beauty of my room, i felt on top of the world resting on a nice soft bed with a cool atmosphere.

And then i did the unthinkable.....i held one of the pillow's on the bed close to my chest caressing it.

I can't wait to hold you like this every night "Helen" and caress your soft silky hair constantly kissing your well shaped lips.

I wished you love me same way i love you "Helen" but i promise to wait for your love I won't rush you.

And then i slept off constantly having dreams of myself and Helen.

To be continued..

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