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Days turned into week's, and week's into months.... with each passing day the love i had for my boss grew stronger.

I thought of a way to win her heart and then i started going an extra mile with my work.

If she gives me any work to do that am supposed to deliver it the next day, I get done with it in few hours just to impress her.

Seems like my plan worked, because she started including me in her personal work and even introduced me to most of our clients.

I don't know if I am just imagining the impossible, but I just feel most times she loves me.

 because I have caught her severally staring at me while I was working with her in her office.

And each time we have a general board meeting in the company, her eyes her always fixed on me when am standing talking about anything concerning the company and my field of work.

Shalewa wasn't left out, since the day i rejected her gifts, i noticed she started dressing like my boss.

From her head to her toe wearing same thing as my boss every day.

No matter what she does, she can never take the place of my boss in my heart.


my employee kunle has been working with me for 5 months now and I could say he is a genius am glad I employed him.

Since he came, he has greatly added a lot of changes to my company and I love him for that.

But he doesn't look at me lovingly again like he did the first day he started work.

Could it be that he has lost interest in me and found someone else.

Wait a minute.....why am I even bothered.

Or have i fallen in love with him!!!!....I exclaimed loudly.

Oh no Helen you can't fall in love with your employee, he would see you like a cheap boss who goes about dating her employees....I said to myself.

Well I don't think it's a bad Idea either, .... And i think I have fallen in love with kunle....I said smiling to myself.

Let me go and ask him out for lunch....I said leaving my office.


i was about getting prepared to go for my lunch break when shalewa walked into my office.

Hi kunle....she said, stretching her hands towards me for a handshake.

Hello miss shalewa....I said briefly shaking her hands.

Seems like you were about going out for lunch, come let's go together, and please don't turn me down....no strings attached I promise.

It's okay miss shalewa..,i said.

Then the door to my office opened and immediately shalewa quickly held me, kissing me .

And then before I could even do anything, my boss spoke.

Oh sorry, I came at the wrong time seems you two were busy, have a nice time.

After she said that, she quickly walked away closing the door behind her.

After she left, I gave shalewa bad stare, i had wanted to give her a but I controlled myself.

Shalewa what was the meaning of that thing you did now?....I asked angrily.

Calm down kunle i was only m@rking my t£rritory.

What t£rritory are you talking about shalewa?... since when did i ever belong to you?

Since the day you started working here kunle.... kunle since the first time I set my eyes on you i fell in love with you, please i want us to be close, love me back the same way i love you please.

Shalewa that isn't possible please,....am inlove with someone else and that's our boss.

I knew it!!!!... she exclaimed, I won't accept that from you kunle, it's me or no one.

After she said that, she left angrily .

After she left I lost the appetite to have lunch immediately.... what kind of thing is this?...I asked my self.

I instantly rush down to my boss office to explain things to her and make her understand that I have nothing to do with shalewa.

When I got to the door to her office, I stood there for closed to two minutes, because my heart was b£ating fast.

I didn't even know how to face her because I feel like I cheated on her.

I went into the office and saw her casually tapping her phone and I wondered why she didn't go for her lunch break as usual.

"Good afternoon ma"...... I greeted.

Good afternoon kunle is anything the matter?....she asked.

I am here to apologize to you about what you saw earlier..... please it's not what you think, i have nothing to do with shalewa, she has been the one stalking me, please it won't happen again.

I don't get you kunle, but why the explanations, or is there something I need to know?

At moment I wanted to express my feelings for her but i changed my mind.

It's nothing ma, I just felt you shouldn't have seen me that way MA....I said.

It's okay you can leave now..... She said.

I left her office feeling relieved and I went back to my office.

To be continued.....

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