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After kunle left my office, i went into deep thoughts, I was expecting him to tell me he loves me but it didn't happen.

Seems like he doesn't love me anyway.... maybe he his in love with shalewa.

I was still in my thoughts when shalewa walked in.

Hi BOSS, what's the matter with you, why didn't you go for lunch.

Shalewa i would appreciate it if you button up your shirt properly..... you can't go about walking with your cleavages all out.

Oh sorry I forgot to button up properly, after my romance with kunle ....hmmm so sweet.

Oh that's wonderful, i wish you both good luck shalewa.

So I want to properly inform you that kunle is mine now and you can't take him away from me.

Wait a minute shalewa, i don't get you...is this a thre*t or what, am I in anyway Dr*gging kunle with you?

Stop the pretence boss am not a kid.... you and I know perfectly well that you are in love with kunle same way he loves you.... and you are the reason he doesn't love me.

Shalewa am confused here, so you mean kunle is in love with me???

Just Forget about it boss... the most important thing now is that I love kunle and he loves me too.

I wanted to reply shalewa when we started hearing noise outside.

And shalewa rushed to checked what's happening through the window blinds.....after she checked, she just rushed out of my office.

I was confused with her actions so I went to see things for myself through the window blinds and what i saw baffled me and then i left my office too.


when I got to my office, i saw Tunde already in my office waiting for me, and I wasn't surprised.

Where were you since, I have been here for 30 minutes now waiting for you?

Sorry about that my guy, i went to settle some issues with our boss.

Ah ah!!!....settle what issues bayii, did you make an error in your work?

Far from that tunde....it was shalewa again oh.

What has she done this time?....tunde asked.

Then I narrated what happened earlier with shalewa and my boss.

That shalewa is such a pest, why is she bent on having you, or should I tell her to stay away from you?

No tunde never mind....am man enough to handle this issue and I know this phase shall pass.

Any ways seems like you didn't even get to have lunch after what you went through this afternoon....I bought us some food, let's eat.

Wow tunde that's so thoughtful of you...am indeed very hungry jaaare.

I was about eating when we heard the door bell rang and our receptionist spoke through it.

Good afternoon mister kunle, sorry to disturb you, but there is a girl named chioma and her mother mrs grace wanting to see you..... should i bring them to your office or you would come out to see them?

My countenance immediately changed and I sh*uted at the receptionist to tell them am not around.

5 minute later she came back telling me that they have refused to go and they want to cause a scene in the company.

I could even hear their voices from my office.

Haaa God what kind of problem is This, what kind of a bad day did i wake up to. How on earth did chioma and her mother know my place of work, what is their motives?

Tunde encouraged me to just go and see the reason why they came.

I left my office to where they were seated.... immediately chioma saw me she ran towards me and h£ld my trouser sh*uting at the top of her voice.

Kunle i have c*tch you today, you think you can get me pregnant and run away abii, I will never leave here until you do the needful.

And then her mother brought out a fake pregnancy result and scan results... showing every workers in the building and telling them that I got her daughter pregnant and ran away.

I was dumbfounded I couldn't even say anything because I was still surprised with the sudden accus*tion.

I mean....I have never had any s£xual activity with chioma since I have known her so why did they come up with this accusation suddenly.

To make matters worse, chioma even had a baby bump which made everyone believe her immediately.

Tunde tried his best to defend me, but chioma's mother fou*ht him seriously and even t*re his shirt.

All workers in the company all came out in their numbers staring at me and I bent my head in shame because I couldn't face the crowd.

And then shalewa rushed to chioma trying to free me from her grip.

But chioma held me tightly refusing to let go.

Young lady please leave my fiance alone and let's sort things out privately.... shalewa said.

As if shalewa voice ang£red chioma the more, she laughed at shalewa sc0rnfully.

Oh i see, so you are the us£l*ss girl who made kunle run away from me after getting me pregnant abi?.... your plans have failed, i am taking my husband back home right now.

Young lady watch your tongue, don't talk to me anyhow.... shalewa replied.

And what if I don't, what will you do..... you man sn*tcher!!!!

Paaaaa!!!! Shalewa sl*pped chioma, and they went into a fi£rce f*ght with chioma sitting on top shalewa.

I was about sneaking away from the crowd so I can escape to my office and lock myself in there.

And then i heard the calm and soothing voice of my boss.

Stoooppp!!!! She said.... and I want everyone of you to go back to your various work positions except kunle, tunde, shalewa and this two women.

And as instructed by my boss, everyone departed leaving us behind.

You all should please follow me to my office.... she said.

And we all followed, with chioma still holding my trouser.

To be continued.....

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