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 "F**k!" I groaned and shuddered all over as my juice spilled all over my sexy client's boobs.

I felt so good I invited her to my bedroom.

She's damn so good and sweet! But I'm still on the lookout for sweeter girls.

 "Oh Mr instructor... You are so good in bed just like the way you gym! " She said licking her fingers.

I winked at her and dressed up. I was suddenly in a hurry to dispose the running mouth.

Anyways, my name is Harry and I'm twenty five.

I got into the gym business when I was twenty one.

I built up the empire when I was still a university student.

While I studied, I ran the business with my best friend,Scott.

He's also an assistant to me. My assistant manager in the making.

Well, I had other motive why u decided to build up a gym house with all the quality equipments in it.

I'm handsome and super cute and perfectly built! 

Maybe it got into my head cos all I could think of was a way of getting free access to all the girls that were crushing on me.

 Well... I came up with my gym house and as expected, a lot of clients applied.

Sometimes, I do reject men cos they aren't part of my plan.

I just admit the stubborn ones that won't let go.

"Get dressed!" I snapped at the running mouth.

She pouted." You can't just discharge me like that, instructor. Can I have some cash? " She asked.

I laughed. " That wasn't part of our deal. You were just too horny and I relieved you. Who should be paying who? " I retorted.

Running mouth glared angrily at me and started getting dressed. 

She walked to the door and finally smile at me. "This isn't over yet, instructor. 

You are so damn good and I'm not ready to leave you yet. Can we do this next time? " She asked and blew me a kiss. 

I managed a smile and inhaled deeply when she was finally out.

The door opened also immediately again and it got me startled.

"Look! The bad guy just bleeped someone. I can smell it in the air." Scott exclaimed.

" Will you please get lost? You are boring my nice time." I responded..

"You had better get off that bed and go out there. 

There are new clients waiting to he registered." Scott said and my eyes widened. New clients new catch!

" I hope they are all girls?" I asked while standing up.

" You can as well change them to girls if you want. " Scott said sarcastically before walking off.

I'm in a very good mood so I can't possibly get mad at the little imp.

 The fact on point now is that I've got new clients waiting for me!πŸ˜‹

  πŸ‘… BETTYπŸ‘…

 I swung my bag on my back and ran out of the room.

I tried as much as possible to walk past Granny's door but as usual,the woman's ear is always at alert.

"Hold it right there, young lady. Where art thou off to?" 

I put on a smile and turned. Granny was standing in front of her door. "Um...granny...as you can see,I'm putting on a gym outfit."

"Yes I can see..I'm not blind yet. "

" I'm gonna register at the gym Bells recommended yesterday. Remember?" I asked politely.

Granny looked at me from head to toe and shook her head. " Oh Betty....this outfit looks too delicate on you. Look at your hips! Ate you going to the gym to distract the others?"

I rolled my eyes. " Granny... of more reason I should be at the gym. I wanna burn this hips before it gets too big!" I groaned.

Granny shrugged and I took off like a car.

"Betty!! Your hair is loose!!" Granny yelled behind my back.

But I was already outside the gate as I waved over my arm.

 I knocked at the next gate and there was Bells, already dressed for the gym too.

She's my neighbor and my best friend.

"Hmm girl! You look hot!" We chorused and ran off straight to the gym.

But where exactly is this gym and what am I really about to see there?.

Hmm...I hope it's somewhere nice where I can show off my beauty??



 πŸ· Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️




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