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,MY •BAD•BOY•CRUSH🖤🧑🏼‍❤️‍💋‍🧑🏻

(Crazily Obsessed with Him)

By May Maria K ✍🏻



Chapter 10

Violet POV

Clover tucked his hands in his pockets as he walked to where I was sitting and then he brought out his left hand. 

"It's nice to meet you Miss Violet" He said and I gulped accepting the handshake. 

Of all persons who could be my tutor, the principal has to choose him. I don't know if I should be glad or angry about that. 

"So what do you think Clover. If she doesn't improve before the end of the semester, you'll be the one to take the blame" The principal and it made me glance at them both. 

It was like they had planned this behind my back because the way they were talking about it so casually made me frown. 

"So Miss Violet do well to cooperate with Mr Clover. Your grades are so bad and if things continue this way, I am afraid you might not be able to get admission into a good college" The principal said and I rolled my eyes. 

Not like I cared about that when it was only one thing that clouded my mind and thinking. 

"You can go back to class Miss Violet and you Mr Clover" The principal said and then turned to reading some files on his table. 

I waited until Clover was gone before standing up and excusing myself from the principal office. 

I went back to the cafeteria and I saw Penelope still there. She was done eating her food and was just looking around. 

Which meant that she was waiting for me to come back. So much just to be friends with me. 

"So how did it go. Did you do anything wrong" Penelope asked the moment I settled down. 

"Nope. He said my grades are getting worse so he selected a tutor for me" I replied and she nodded. 

"If you like I could tell the principal to let me do it. " She suggested but I shook my head. 

"No worries but I'll manage" I told her and she shrugged. 

"So would you attend Adrian's birthday party on Friday" She asked and I stared at her weirdly. 

I don't know any birthday party happening on Friday and plus I wasn't invited so there's no way I'd come. 

"Who's Adrian" I first asked and she chuckled. 

"I guess you're oblivious of everything happening in the school" She said and I found that offensive which made me frown. 

"Adrian is Clover's best friend but they don't move around like that and he's celebrating his birthday on Friday and he invited the whole class" She said. 

"It's on the class group. Didn't you check" she said and I cleared my throat. 

I wasn't on the class group maybe that's why I didn't know about anything like that. 

Then the electronic bell rung and it was the end of lunch break. We both stood up and was discussing while we went back to class. 

As we were almost there, Ryan passed us both and he ignored me like he didn't even notice my presence. 

"I'll be right back Penelope" I said and she nodded and I ran after Ryan pulling him by the wrist when I caught up with him. 

Hopefully, he stopped and he turned to me raising a brow. Is this how it's gonna be. 

"What do you want?" He said coldly. 

"I thought you were joking Ryan. I already forgot what happened on Saturday but now you're giving me cold shoulders" I said and he scoffed. 

"It doesn't look like that to me. I bet you were waiting for me to go so you could replace me with someone else" He said and I gulped. 

I guess he's referring to Penelope. 

"Noo it's not what you think. She was the one who approached me at the cafeteria and wanted us to be friends. "

"You clearly told me to stay away from you Violet that you needed a break from me and now I am clearly doing just like you instructed" He said and I folded my fist. 

"And I said I didn't really mean it" I retorted. How many times does he wants me to repeat it that I was just joking.

Do I have to spell it in his face before he clearly understands. 

"What about Clover. Would you also stay away from him" Ryan said and I closed my eyes for a fleeting second. 

Why is he bringing the topic about Clover in our conversation. 

"Fine I'll stay away from him" I lied. Staying away from Clover is like an illness. 

The little time we just started to know each other made me have a little hope that he might like me. 

"He is just playing with your heart Violet and he'll only make you cry and you're my best friend. I don't want anyone to make fun of you" Ryan said and I hugged him. 

He's my best friend and I am sure he's doing all these to protect me and now we've made up. 


I got back home and I met the whole house empty. Mum was not at home and this was unusual. She closes from work before I comes back from school so I phoned her. 

Her number was unavailable but I saw a letter lying at the center table in the middle of the living room. 


That was Mum's handwriting. I folded the paper in the hands and I threw it far away to the floor. 

She just does things on her own without informing me. Maybe she doesn't consider me that important to her. 

I went up to my room and I got rid of my uniform before going up to have my bath. I spent almost half an hour in the bathroom. 

When I was done, I took a white towel and tied it around my chest before stepping out of the bathroom. 

"You look cool in that" I heard a voice when I was about to untie the towel from my body and my grip tightened on it. 

I turned swiftly to the sound of the voice and there I saw Clover leaning at the wall of my room with a textbook in his hand. 

𝓣. 𝓑. 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓾𝓮𝓭.......... 

𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 K✍🏻

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