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,MY •BAD•BOY•CRUSH🖤🧑🏼‍❤️‍💋‍🧑🏻

(Crazily Obsessed with Him)

By May Maria K ✍🏻


Chapter 13

Violet POV

"He scored the goal for me, can you all see" Belinda gushed and I rolled my eyes. 

Everyone thinks that he did that for her. That he specially scored the goal for her and I felt a little jealous. 

The zeal to continue cheerleading left me and I threw the pompoms to the floor stepping on it. 

"Hey bitch you can't do that. It comes with a penalty" Belinda said and I scoffed before giving her my middle finger. 

"I'm gonna deal with you bitch. F**k off" She yelled after me but I didn't care. My whole mood had already changed. 

The football match wasn't over so I wouldn't be let out of the field so I joined the rest of the students who were watching the match and I sat at the back. 

A minute later, Clover scored another goal and a loud scream came but I didn't even yell or smile one bit. 

I could see his gaze at the cheerleaders and I rolled my eyes again. I bet he wanna wink at Belinda again. 

"Hey where have you been. I almost thought you weren't in school" Ryan smiled sitting down beside me. 

I almost forgot I made up with my best friends but things were yet to turn out to how it was before. 

"I just hope it had been so" I muttered. 

"Hey, who got you angry? You're always excited anytime we get to have sports" Ryan nudged my shoulder and I faked a smile. 

How would I be happy when the guy I'm crushing on giving his sole attention on someone else. 

"Why don't you follow them to play? I've never seen you involve yourself in any sport" I turned to Ryan and he laughed awkwardly. 

Now that I thought about it. He was always with me and never volunteered to do anything. 

"Umm Nothing... I'm not just interested" He scratched his head and I was kinda convinced. 

"Okay but it doesn't really suit you. All these muscles mustn't go to waste" I hit his arm. 

"So do you want me to take you home after school" Ryan asked. 

I bet it wouldn't be bad having a little fun after school and moreover I don't know when Mom would be back today. 

"Not bad" I shook my head. 


"Wait for me Violet, let's catch the bus together" Penelope ran after me and I rubbed my temple in frustration. 

"I'm sorry Pen but I'm following Ryan home. He's my best friend" I said and I could see the disappointment that flashed through her face. 

What does she thinks? That I'll leave my best friend just to be with her. Never!!!!.

"Fine I'll just go home alone" She muttered and left. Better.....

I walked to the school gate where I waited for Ryan for what seemed like eternity. I checked my wristwatch, it was already getting to 5pm. 

I tried calling him but his phone was switched off. Where the hell could he have went. 

I could wait anymore and I walked to the bustop where I boarded a bus that took him home. 

If I had known, I would have followed Penelope home but I didn't because I put too much hope on Ryan. 

When I got home, I was surprised to see Mum home fully dressed. It was not like she just got home from the trip but it seemed she was going out. 

"Oh baby, you're back" Mum came and kissed me on both sides of my cheeks. 

Then she went back to the mirror to apply lip gloss on her lips and she did a little make up on her face. 

I was speechless because I couldn't say anything. It was just some hours she just got back and she's already off. 

"Where the hell are you going Mom?" I asked. 

"Watch your words young lady, you have no right to question me in that matter" She replied back. 

"You left home long before I came back from school. I understood that because you said it had to do with work and now you're back only for you to leave again. Is it work also" I couldn't help but shout at her. 

"Why are you getting so worked up about my whereabouts. If I have to work 24 hours it's totally none of business cause I am the one who provides every d@mn meal you eat every day. You get to live like this because of me so don't you dare ask me where I am going cause your f**king Dad doesn't pay me a dime..... " she couldn't continue yelling anymore cause she knew she had hit rock bottom. 

Once in a while we get to experience this mother daughter fight and then what follows is silent treatment because we won't talk to each other for some days until we're both ready to settle. 

I get it. Mum works day and night so that she could make sure that I eat and live comfortably everyday. 

But what I don't get is why she's making a fuss out of all these. Isn't it her responsibility. To fend for me. 

I aren't the one who told her to go f**k Dad and get pregnant for me. And now she also has to bring Dad into all these. 

Providing for me isn't all I want. I also need her care and love and she shows little of that to me. 

"I'm sorry baby... I shouldn't have said that" She said placing her hands on her mouth. 

"I get it. This shouldn't be my business. I'm sorry" I said angrily and stormed out of her room. 

We finally had one of our several arguments. 

And now she's calling my name. I could hear my name as I walked fast to my room and locked the door. 

"Violet please open up" She kept knocking on the door but I didn't pay attention to what she had said. 

After fifteen minutes, I couldn't hear my name anymore or any sound and that was when I unlocked the door and went out of my room. 

I went downstairs and searched the living room, kitchen, her bedroom, everywhere but she wasn't there. 

I get she doesn't care about me cause she still left me and went out. 

I'm insignificant afterall to everyone, my Mum who left me to God knows where, my best friend who kept me waiting in school for hours. 

And finally Clover, 

Who plays with my heart cause I have a crush on him. 

𝓣. 𝓑. 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓾𝓮𝓭.......... 

𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 K✍🏻

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