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,MY •BAD•BOY•CRUSH🖤🧑🏼‍❤️‍💋‍🧑🏻

(Crazily Obsessed with Him)

By May Maria K ✍🏻


Chapter 18

Violet POV

We found somewhere to seat and I made sure I dragged attention in everything I did. Especially Clover. I wanted him not to pay attention to Belinda. 

I wanted to infuriate that b*tch and make her know that I am the only one who's supposed to get all of Clover's attention. 

And I was really succeeding because I could tell from the way her face was so squeezed like a rotten pawpaw. 

Clover won't stop staring at me and it was getting Belinda annoyed. Then angrily she walked away swaying her flat ass maybe he would look at her. 

Such a joke. Poor Belinda.... No one gets to be special like Violet Campbell. 

Clover's POV

Belinda was trying to get my attention since I arrived at the party but I was waiting for Violet to come. 

Meeting her at the clothing store dressed like that gave me a tip that was what she was gonna wear. And given her perfect shape. 

Just when I was finally giving in to Belinda's seduction because she was trying to so hard to make me f**k her or maybe touch her but I wasn't in the mood. 

Well it's been a long time we did that and that's because of Violet. Getting too attached to her had made me pause from whatever I was doing. 

I only paused and never quit cause there no way I can stick to one girl. Even dad never did that. 

That sucks. 

"Clover you've got to see this" Adrian tapped me and I turned to the entrance of the hall. 

Everyone was murmuring and looking at that direction so I had to do same. There was Violet looking so breathtaking. 

I couldn't get my eyes off her cause she deserved it. She managed to take my breath away. 

Belinda tried turning my face away but I glared at her. She sat on my laps and tried kissing me but I didn't let her. 

I've never kissed any girl before but I didn't know why I made that mistake with Violet and yet I keep kissing her. 

I guess Violet saw that I was staring at her and then we held eye contact till she winked at me. 

She really got the guts. I smirked as I stared at her till she went to sit beside her friend. 

 "Clover I am here. Why would you look at her and not me" Belinda yelled at me and I pushed her off my laps. 

"F**k off b*tch" I glared at her and she grumbled before walking away. 

"Dude how could you do that to your girlfriend" Adrian joked. 

"Which girlfriend, I have none" I replied knowing he was referring to Belinda. 

"You're getting whipped. You couldn't get your eyes off her. I bet I am gonna win" Adrian whined and I rolled my eyes. 

Violet POV

I think I have had enough of alcohol for today. I can't believe that there's no fruit juice available. 

I was already getting tipsy and pressed at the same time and I gulped before standing up. I staggered a little but I held the table in order to gain balance. 

"I'll be right back Pen" I said and walked out of the party hall so I could locate the restroom. 

I kept checking through doors that I had to barge in when some couples were making out. 

Eeeww.... So disgusting.

Then someone tapped my shoulder from behind and I turned to see two older guys staring at me. 

"Hey girl. I guess you're looking for a room so we could do some threesome yunno you look so yummy" One of them said. 

What does he mean by that? A threesome. It sounded like a bad thing but I can't do that with this disgusting guys. 

One of them was giving me a look that I found so annoying. 

"I'm not in the mood for this" I hissed and turned but one held my shoulder roughly and I groaned. 

"What's wrong with you both. I said I am not interested" I yelled at the both of them and they laughed. 

Did I said anything funny or they don't know the meaning of not being interested. Gosh!!

"You don't have a choice p**sy. I know you want it. It's either you comply or we do it by force" He said and I became angered. 

How could he call me that offensive name. Referring me by my private part. My head banged and I raised my hands up and slapped him twice on his cheeks. 

"You have no right to call me that d**kface" I said back at me and he moved his muscles angrily. 

"I guess you want it that hard way" The other said and carried me by the waist and placed me on his shoulder. 

"Hey jerkface drop me down. You stink" I wriggled my legs in the air. 

The alcohol had already cleared off my eyes and I was already getting scared thinking what this two guys would do to me. 

"Let me down!!" I kept screaming and when he tried to use his hands to cover my mouth, I bit him. 

Very hard that he winced. 

"You little witch" He said and mistakenly put me down and I glared up at him. He was way taller than me. 

The other one tried trying to grab me and I kicked him in the groin. I made sure that I hit the right spot. 

I was even hoping to burst his balls but heaven was on his side. He held his middle and went on his knees. 

"Get her she mustn't escape or we're doomed" The one I bit his hand said and it sounded like they were paid to try and have their way with me. 

The first one came at me and I also kicked his groin. More harder and the other one.

"My balls . You witch" He glared at me and I stuck out my tongue at them. 

"F**k off losers" I flipped my hair and gave them my middle finger before walking away sassily. 

𝓣. 𝓑. 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓾𝓮𝓭.......... 

𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 K✍🏻

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