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,MY •BAD•BOY•CRUSH🖤🧑🏼‍❤️‍💋‍🧑🏻

(Crazily Obsessed with Him)

By May Maria K ✍🏻


Chapter 19

I washed my hands after doing my business in the bathroom. My heart was still racing a little bit cause I am still afraid that those two guys might come after me.

I looked out of the restroom and when I didn't see anyone I sighed in relief before adjusting my clothes. 

I walked out of the restroom and my mind told me to run back to the hall that they might just pop out of nowhere and grab me by the waist. 

The thought of that made me shiver. 

As I was going back to the hall I saw the two guys and I guess they didn't notice me because they were busy yelling at each other. 

I quickly hid at a corner peeping at them and I saw them knock at a door and it was Candy who opened the door. 

It made me suspicious cause she let them in and closed the door. I quickly ran there my steps quiet. 

I placed my ears at the door so I could hear what they were saying because seeing Candy there gave me a hint that Belinda might also be in. 

"What's it this time? With the looks on you both faces it tells me that you failed" It was Belinda that said that. 

"That little witch always have her way. Tell us we wanna hear how she escaped this time" Candy said and I bet she rolled her eyes while saying that. 

I folded my fists when she called me a witch and that got me thinking even those good for nothing guys in there also called me that. 

I wanna make them pay. They paid guys to rape me. Is that how vicious they can be. I felt like bargain in and kicking them all in the faces but I held myself back. 

Their payback and my revenge is gonna come in a platter of gold. A bitter sweet food that there's gonna love. 

I huffed before leaving them to deal with those fools themselves and I went back to the party hall. 

Immediately Penelope saw me, she sighed before dragging me to seat. Why does she likes doing things forcefully. 

"I was searching round for you. It's soon gonna be time for the first kiss and I am so excited" Penelope said and I looked at her puzzled. 

I had totally forgotten what she said about a first kiss. You won't blame me when I have so many things on my mind. 

"Which first kiss?" I asked and she groaned. 

"Don't tell me you forgot girl. Clover is gonna kiss whoever he chooses grom that bowl. The names of every girl in our class is there and since no one opposes the idea, he'll kiss the person" Penelope said enthusiastically. 

"What eff I am not interested" I said but my mind and heart and my everything was there. 

I wanted to know who he was gonna pick. I am already angry at him so if he dares kiss another girl, I won't talk to him for a lifetime. 

I'm really serious... Forget the fact that he's my crush. I might just kill the feelings even though it means for me falling for a killer. 

Penelope tapped me and it made me realize that I was lost in thought and my face was so squeezed like I was ready for a fight. 

She pointed at the stage where Clover and Adrian were standing. A transparent bowl was given to Clover and it contained countless folded papers. 

Clover picked one of them and my nervousness rose. He was so slow in opening the paper and I jammed my teeth together, my eyes looking intently at what he was doing. 

Finally he opened the paper and then he casted me a glance before looking away. He whispered something into Adrian's ear and Adrian nodded. 

What are they talking about? My curiosity was taking the best of me. 

"Violet Campbell" My name was called and my eyes widened.

Wait... Is there any other Violet Campbell in the hall or is it me who's gonna get kissed by Clover in front of everyone in the hall. 

Everyone was now staring at me and out of excitement I jumped and turned to all of the girls who were glaring daggers at me. 

I made a funny dance before saying, "In your face losers" I said before flipping my hair and I walked majestically to the stage. 

Clover was smiling and I wanted to poke my hands into his eyes. What's so funny to him. 

When I got to where Clover was waiting instead of him to do the business... Like kiss me. He held my wrist and began taking me off stage. 

I tried to wriggle free but his grip was tight. Everyone was murmuring. What's he doing. 

He took me out of the party hall and then led me to his car and he opened it. "Get in"

"What are you doing? This isn't why I was called. You're supposed to be kissing me and on stage" I said and folded my hands under my breasts like some stubborn wife. 

"Stop being delusional Vio. Get in the car" He said again. 

"Me" I pointed at myself. "Delusional" And I scoffed. "Oh Gosh!" 

"I'm not going anywhere till you kiss me Clover. Everyone is waiting for you to kiss me and then you take me away" I said. 

"I wasn't planning to kiss you okay. This was all planned out from the start so do me a favor and get in the car now" He said more like a yell. 

Is he trying to order me. That aside. He said they planned it out so it was also planned out for him to pick me. 

Well I don't care. I looked up at him and I scoffed before saying;

"I don't care if you planned this out or not but we're gonna go back into the hall and you're going to kiss me in front of everyone"

𝓣. 𝓑. 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓾𝓮𝓭.......... 

𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 K✍🏻

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