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,MY •BAD•BOY•CRUSH🖤🧑🏼‍❤️‍💋‍🧑🏻

(Crazily Obsessed with Him)

By May Maria K ✍🏻


Chapter 22

"Huh-" That was all I could say. Was he really saying that he would have made out with me right there in front of everyone. 

My eyes went shut and I shook my head. I can't let his words convince me like that. He would always have a way of justifying his actions. 

"Should I show you how irresistible you are Vio" He whispered in my ears and now it was up to me.

To make a decision whether I wanted him to do something to me. My body was reacting to every slight thought of his but my mind was telling me to say no. Tell him to leave cause I was doing the wrong thing. 

For the first time I decided to pay attention to my mind and I pushed him off me. 

"I won't fall for your lie this time Clover. I'm better off..." My sentence was interrupted when he smashed his lips on mine and my back landed on the wall gently. 

He placed his hands above my head as he devoured my lips. I couldn't reciprocate because of how fast it happened. 

Five seconds later I was already reciprocating back. Trying to meet up with his fast pace as our lips moved in sync. 

Clover broke the kiss and our forehead met and then he used his thumb to caress my bottom lips again. Anytime he does that it gives me shivers . 

"This is what I am saying Vio. It takes almost all strength not to tour round your body but first I wanna make you crave for my touch and get addicted to it. I want the taste of my lips to be the only thing you enjoy tasting. I want you not to be able to do without me" He said and now we're looking at each other in the eyes. 

His eyes were so enchanting but how would it feel when I get to be the only one he'll look at and no one else. 

If only he could read my mind and know that I am slowly getting addicted to him. If only he could know that I can't bear seeing him with any other girl. 

I don't care whatever he does to me. Use me, touch me how ever he likes but I want him to be mine alone. 

I'm craving for his touch so badly that I get wet anytime his cold fingers run down my cleavages down to my navel. 

"You're making me lose my mind Clover" I said and he chuckled. 

"You haven't completely lost it Vio. Until then"He said and left through the window and then my racing heart stopped. 

I squatted on the floor and reminisced all that has happened just now. Clover... Clover... Clover...

That's only what I think about right now. Why must it be him. 


"All assignments should be submitted to Penelope and remember test is next week. That'll determine your progress and know how set you are for your final exams so till then good luck" the teacher said. 

"You all may go for break Violet Campbell please can I have a word" The moment I heard my name I looked up. 

Penelope gave me a signal to meet her in the cafeteria when I am done and I nodded before arranging my books and going to see the teacher. 

"I just wanted to ask how the tutoring class with Mr Smith is going" the teacher asked and I gulped. 

If only she knows that we haven't had more than one class and that we've only been messing around. 

Even the only class we had I couldn't even get a thing into my head. Such a dumbass I am. 

"Miss Campbell are you listening" The teacher said and I hummed. 

"The principal and I were doing some research and we really want you all to go to the good colleges but there are just a few who have some problem with their academics and that's why we're trying to solve that. I need your best performance on the test next week to determine if Mr Smith is really teaching you well" The teacher said and she patted my shoulders before leaving. 

I fiddled with my fingers and sighed. I've been playing around for a while now that I hadn't considered my future yet. 

I know Mum is not that rich enough to afford a private university where you have to pay millions to get in. 

I think I really have to start paying attention to my studies. I nodded to myself before leaving for the cafeteria. 

I saw Penelope waving at me and I went to sit beside her. Luckily she also ordered for my food. 

"So what did the teacher say" Penelope asked and took a bite from the burger on her plate. 

"Nothing much. She just said I need to improve" I replied shortly and she nodded. 

"So what are you going to do?" She asked again and I sighed. 

"Simple I will read more and leave the rest to my head. The problem is that I don't just understand the topics" I said. 

"Then why don't I help you. I can teach you like we can stay an extra hour after school and use it to read" she suggested. 

Our attention diverted when Belinda Walked into the cafeteria. Candy and Jewel were at her sides and I rolled my eyes. 

They just love getting attention wherever they go. Instead of getting in line to get their foods students made way for them to pass through so they would get in front. 

I guess they are getting the princesses treatment that they want and they had gut to set me up. 

Anyways I, Penelope and Ryan were already setting their payback. They were both enraged when I told them what happened and Ryan couldn't stop scolding me on why I went to the party in the first place. 

He's part of the reason why I was always isolated in school and never liked involving myself in trending issues. 

I saw a text from Ryan. Good it's finally ready. I can't wait to teach them a lesson they all deserve. 

Instead of getting their foods they turned back and left. Yeah... I guess they already saw a text on their phones also. 

Let me give you a tip of what happened.... We succeeded in trailing one of the guys and we captured him. 

He's now in the ladies restroom tied up and we're gonna lure them there and that's how the plan begins. 

I told Penelope and we hurriedly finished our foods and went to the restroom. We saw Ryan at the door and we could hear screams from inside. 

"Did you get the cockroaches in" I asked and Ryan nodded. 

"And the camera. Did you install it?" I asked again and he nodded. 

"Everything you requested is in there. I got all the cockroaches and I made them know that the only way they'll get out is by getting themselves naked"

And I was forced to laugh out. After they naked themselves we'll post it on the school website.

Such a funny way to get my revenge either way they all deserve it. 

𝓣. 𝓑. 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓾𝓮𝓭.......... 

𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 K✍🏻

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